ImageMy husband complimented the black leaf cloth (Timeless Treasures Tonga falling leaves batik from$9/yd, also in Keepsake and Hancock’s catalogs and ?maybe local shops?) I was working with so once I’d made a block (see attached photo; couldn’t scan the full 9.5 inches, but you get the idea) I showed it to him and he said it was less dramatic than he’d expected so I said, Yeah, if Tessa “Teri” Barile used it, it would be high-contrast and mucho dramatic but I prefer low-contrast, so then I called Tessa “Teri” Barile and challenged her to make a leaf quilt but she just laughed at me, as usual, so it occurred to me that some of you might like to make a leaf quilt or wall hanging or placemat or something, either with this cloth or with something else so I thought I’d ask.

We could maybe reveal whatever we’d done to date or the finished thing at, say, the Christmas meeting?