Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild

Volume 13 Issue 3 – November 8, 2012

President:  Mary Ann Grayson
 1st Vice President: Sandy Miller
2nd Vice President: Sue Schillig
Treasurer:  Pam Scholle
Secretary/Community Service: Teri Whidden
Library:  Joanne Palun
Hospitality:  Karin Knox and Bobbie Bruck
Membership:  Marylou Kucerna
Home of the Brave:  Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor:  Kaye Koler
Sunshine: Elsie Kral
Bits & Pieces Editor:  Teri Barile

Meetings:         2nd Thursday of month
Time:                   7:00 PM
Location:               St. Joe’s Social Hall, Amherst

Website: https://loraincountypiecemakers.wordpress.com
Guild email: loraincountypiecemakers@gmail.com


Scissor sharpening during the meeting  $4 pinking shears, $5 sewing scissors

Meeting activity:  Embellishments-try it!   All supplies provided.  Meet Myrya Johnson, quilter and designer.  She will bring some of her works to share.  Please bring a small pair of scissors to work with.

Drawings for prizes for last month’s Round Robin participants will be held.

Sue Schillig

I don’t know what was going through your mind on Monday night, but I was fretting over loss of electric. Ours was only out a brief time, just long enough for the sump pump to stop working and let about an inch of water in the basement, but long enough to try to think of contingency sewing plans. Turns out I’m desperately attached to light, heat and coffee! I began to consider what other sewing options were available, should the electric loss persist. Obviously I would not be ironing or sewing. Rotary cutting was a possibility, as long as it was light enough. Turns out older eyes need brighter light, so I was resigned to dream of new quilt possibilities, which required no electric nor light. But I was relieved when 5 hours later electricity returned. My sympathies to all who are still waiting. Sue


Teri Whidden

President MaryAnn Grayson called the meeting to order at 7:00. We had three visitors this evening: Carol Bryson, Beverly Tucker from Elyria and Pat McKinzers from Amherst.

Maryann asked if there were any additions/corrections to the minutes in the newsletter. Sue Schillig moved to accept and Kelly Grace seconded. Motion passed.

Pam Scholle gave the Treasury report. Lynette Thomson moved to accept and Vicky Morris seconded. Motion passed.


Community Service:  Ruth Groot turned in 2 youth quilts.  The sew in date that was scheduled at Elyria West River Branch Library was cancelled. A couple of suggestions for other free places were given so  we will try again after the holidays.

Program:  This evening we will be doing  a Round Robin with 5 stations set up to visit.  Station One:  Community Service.  We saw samples of baby quilts, pillowcases and received a handout explaining what Community Service covers.  Station Two:  Techno Table. Kelly Grace showed how the computer can work for online browsing, blogging, and shopping.  Station Three:  Trips & More. Marillyn Novak explained about upcoming trips and sewing clubs at area quilt stores.  Station Four:  Barb Spieker showed how the Go Cutter worked, made samples, and took sign ups for Scissor sharpening for the November meeting which will be $5 a pair.  Station Five:  Sewing Machines.  Ro from Anna’s Quilt Shop returned  with a  Brother machine and some vending. She showed the features and stitch library of the machine.  Everyone who had all the stations sign the Round Robin slip will be entered in a door prize drawing and winners will be announced at the November meeting.

Fat Quarters:  MaryLou Brown brought a very impressive and  informative display to show what fat quarters can make. She is looking for a few more signups.

New Business:  Julie Bragg brought a queen size “French Braid” quilt that will be raffled off for the Lorain County Weavers & Spinners.  The proceeds will go to the Heffers organization.

Announcements:  The survey that we filled out at the September  meeting, results will be put in the November newsletter.  Sign ups are going on for the Friday, Nov. 2nd trip to Door Mouse.  MaryAnn is getting information together to have a bus trip to NQA Quilt Show in June, 2013.  Elsie Kral has a friend with a Bernina 200 for sale. Please see her for more information.

Show and Tell was a variety of quilts and works in wool. One quilt was made with a serger, one quilt had each square with embroidery and a mystery quilt, and one that is a tribute to a friend with breast cancer.  Fabulous!



Jan Alderman
No Report


Kaye Koler

Thank You JoAnn Fabrics!

JoAnn Fabrics has graciously donated eleven, really big boxes of fabric for Quilts of Valor! Georgia Forbush’s son Brian, (a computer genius at JoAnn’s) submitted the information requesting help, and boy oh boy, did they come through! Thank you Brian!!  There is a good mix of cottons and flannels, many of which can be used for other community service projects within our guild. (some of the prints are better suited for youth quilts and may not be quite right for QoV quilts)

Mary Ann, our new and fearless leader, has informed me that many of our members want to participate in community service for Home of the Brave and Quilts of Valor. SO, I am planning some workshops to do just that! (Since the holidays are fast approaching it will be early in the new year). The workshops will be for ironing fabric, cutting, sewing, and binding.

And thank you to Georgia for her personal donation of batting!

If you have ideas for other charities that could benefit from our wonderful and talented group please let me know your thoughts, as well as project ideas. I know pillow cases are one idea that as mentioned. Also, baby/child/teen/veteran quilts for local hospitals have also been brought to my attention.

Also, next time you are shopping at JoAnn’s, please make sure to thank them for the generous donation!

(as well as Georgia and Brian Forbush!)

Thank you,

Kaye Koler,

Quilts of Valor Chair

…and I approve this message!

Teri B.

It’s mostly back to basics for me concerning Christmas. Every year I have watched as societal expectations have grown concerning gift purchases and where emphasis has been regarding the holiday.  Too many have forgotten the real meaning of the holiday, and have given into the greed and overwhelming commercialism of what should be a family based time.  I think I have backed off more and more from the expectations for expensive gifts and I have spent more time thinking about what I can make for friends and family.  Face it- we all have too much.  I don’t need much of anything anymore.  And what I need, money can’t buy.  I love getting a gift that is thoughtful and that the giver has taken the time to make for me.

Even though I can do many crafty things.. I STILL like it when I get something that I don’t have to make for myself.  I appreciate the time that it takes to create.

With that in mind, I have been collecting links for easy to make gift ideas.  These types of gifts come in handy for co-workers, and friends.  These little things are nice to have on hand for unexpected gift giving any time of the year.

I could fill up the newsletter with this stuff, but here are some of my favorites.  I will attach a couple of pdf’s to the non- internet newsletter to save you from looking.  I suggest that if you really like any of these tutorials, you print hard copies or save them somehow.  I have gone to some that I liked, only to find that they had been taken down.


I gave this gift last year.  It is one of my favorites. I made them for all of my co-workers and is one gift that I get thanked for all year.   This rice bag is a Lazy Girl design free pattern.  The box bag is from one of their patterns, but I have found many free tutorials online for box bags, and I will include those here.  This rice bag is long and narrow, and is great for looping over aching necks, or wrapping around aging knees.


Box bag Tutorials



How about an iPad case?  This could also be adjusted to fit a Kindle or a Nook, you would just have to adjust the size

This is a cover for an e-reader
There is a printable pdf pattern on the web page http://whipup.net/2011/10/13/guest-blogger-series-gadget-pouch-tutorial/

See through travel pouch.  There are many patterns that you can purchase, but this one is free.  You could make them in different sizes.  Perfect for quilting tools. http://www.sewwequilt.com/2012/02/its-all-about-heart-reds-blacks-and.html

I love these little Keychain purses.  I made something similar that I keep in my car with my coffee money.  I don’t have to dig through my purse for anything in the morning, I just grab this out of my car and buy my coffee. http://thimbleanna.com/blog/?p=566

I was on the receiving end of this gift of coasters last year.  They are easy to make

This little thing is nice to sit by your machine to catch those thread clippings http://sisterschoice.typepad.com/sisters_choice_quilts/2012/02/make-a-thread-catcher-in-less-than-30-minutes.html

How about these pattern weights?

How about a basket of these pocket/hand warmers?

Neck Pillowcase