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Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 13 Issue 5 – January 10, 2013

President: Mary Ann Grayson
1st Vice President: Sandy Miller
2nd Vice President: Sue Schillig
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary/Community Service: Teri Whidden
Library: Joanne Palun
Hospitality: Karin Knox and Bobbie Bruck
Membership: Marylou Kucerna
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine: Elsie Kral
Bits & Pieces Editor: Teri Barile

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of month
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: St. Joe’s Social Hall, Amherst

Guild email:


And for January, another famous local quilter, Kaye Koler will be doing a talk on the ins and outs of making tshirt quilts.


Stray ThreadsSTRAY THREADS… Sue Schillig
What will you be bringing to 2013? I thought I’d try a look at the year just a bit differently this time. Usually we wonder what the year has in store, but maybe a preemptive strike will give a different twist on things. What will I bring? Well, in the quilting world, I’d like to see closure on a few projects, especially those for which deadlines have come and gone. Thank you to all those very patient relatives and friends for whom a quilt has been promised and not yet delivered. Fortunately they understand. I’d also like to bring at least a few new experiences, maybe do some try it and see projects, on the off chance that a new passion may emerge. I might even bring a few no’s to the new year, knowing that creativity needs space to blossom, and I tend to fill that space all too quickly with promises of action. I’d like to bring a bit more humor and hope to 2013, and goodness knows more peace is needed as well. As we wait for this month’s meeting and Kaye Koler’s program on tshirt quilts, let’s take a few minutes to reflect. Sue


President MaryAnn Grayson called the meeting to order at  6:30pm. Nicole, Diana, Kathy and one other nice lady whose name I did not get visited this evening. MaryAnn suggested that we suspend the regular business meeting and have our annual pot luck dinner. Vicki Morris made the motion and Carole Doerr seconded it. Motion passed.

Community Service: We received a lovely Christmas card from Genesis House thanking us for our continued support during the past year. Fran Chapman brought a quilt that is about 90% done because she has a injured shoulder and Mary Ann Grayson took it to finish it.

Program: Barb King and Vicki Morris presented “Fun with Retangles”. What a wonderful program! They brought lots of quilts to show us with different colorways and suggested borders. Lots of thought and planning went into this and we appreciate it. Also thank you for providing a detailed and easy to read designed pattern for the guild. Also this would be a great quilt recipe to use all those new delicious fat quarters you will receive from the fat quarter exchange.

Challenges: Barb King turned in 28 pillowcases and Lindy Sleasman 4 pillowcases.

Fat Quarters: Mary Lou Brown stated that she has 20 sign ups and only 5 more.

Old Business: MaryAnn talked about the Sewing Basket Raffle and Carole Doerr with help with the tickets. The drawing will be on May 12, 2013.

Announcements: January’s program will be our own Kaye Kolar talking to us about tee shirts quilts.

Show and Tell was wonderful.

Thank you everyone who brought the fabulous food to share. We had a delightful evening.

Respectfully submitted,
Teri Whidden

Home of the BraveHOME OF THE BRAVE
Jan Alderman
HOME OF THE BRAVE is gathering momentum as the new year starts. I’m hoping to have a “workshop” sometime in Feb or March. Search your stash for any civil war type fabrics (no bright colors, usually small prints and muted colors). I’ve drafted a letter to send out for donations. I know we need them! Just have to fine tune it and get addresses of veteran organizations through out the state. Any suggestions on locating them is GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for all your help.
Janet Alderman
State Coordinator

Quilts of ValorQUILTS OF VALOR
Kaye Koler
December 2012 ~ Quilts of Valor ~ Kaye Koler
Hard to believe another year is at end and we begin 2013! This year our guild has made 17 quilts for Quilts of Valor. I have mailed them off to the coordinator to be distributed to those recovering service men and women. (I still have 3 that need to be quilted but I’ll get to them!) That’s a pretty good number of quilts! I’m hoping we can at least double that number for 2013 using all the fabric that was donated from JoAnn Fabrics! Here are some tenative dates for preparing the fabric and getting started to sew some quilts for those who need them.

Quilts of Valor update:
Looks like all of the dates in the newsletter have been changed for the Quilts of Valor community service dates. All are Saturdays, 10-4 pm, at the Main Street Community Center, 255 Park Ave. (the old post office) in down town Amherst.

Here are the corrected dates:
January 26th
February 23rd
March 23rd
April 27th
All are Saturdays and will be held at the Main Street Community Center, 255 Park Ave., downtown Amherst. 10am-4 pm.

Please check your calendars and see if you can help! If you want to bring a friend that isn’t a guild member, and would like to help, BRING THEM! It’s a good chance to meet new friends and catch up with old ones!

At the last sewing day for QoV, some of you took home quilts to finish…you know who you are….I have not received them back. PLEASE finish them up and return them to me so I can get them quilted and mailed. thank you very much!

thank youDear Members of the Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild,
Thank you for the “blue bag” in remembrance of my mother, Eleanor Jeannette Brill-Bliss, who passed away on November 8, 2012, in Port Charlotte, Florida. My mother lived a happy and long life, passing away at the age of 87. Just a little note about her: she held many jobs over the years, of course her best job was being my mom, but she also held jobs as: Clerk of Courts for the City of Oberlin, secretary at Oberlin College, owner (along with my dad) of Bliss Plumbing & Heating in
Wellington, RN at the Oberlin Hospital.) She worked hard to help raise her family.

She was the person who had the patience to teach me how to sew (along with my 4-H advisers) and quilt. Mom was a member of the Port Charlotte Florida Quilt Guild for many years and saw to it when I visited her and dad in Florida, that I learned how to quilt. (My sister and I have the quilts she made, which gives us comfort.)

In 1998, mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Being an RN, she joined in a research study which identified that breast cancer followed a certain path from lymph node to lymph node. Unfortunately in her early-mid 80’s she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and a rare form of Leukemia caused by the chemotherapy given to her for the breast cancer. (So I am a big advocate for breast cancer awareness and the need to have a yearly mammography.)

I loved my mom and miss her dearly. Again thank you for your generosity.
Kathy Clark


Teri Barile
I spent part of my evening yesterday cleaning out all of the files and folders that I have accumulated on my computer. I save anything that catches my eye. I have thousands of quilt
photos and patterns that I have picked up over many years. Kind of stupid, I guess, because I’m always surprised when I open a folder because I don’t even remember what is there.. Kind of explains my vast PINTEREST boards.

I found a folder called “Easy Quilts”. It only contained three photos. But they actually are good ideas. No patterns, but if you get out your trusty graph paper and pencil, they are easily figured out. If I had found them recently, they would be on Pinterest and I would have a link and maybe instructions to share, which is probably why I don’t save as many things to my computer as I used to.

quilt 1

This quilt could easily be made with charms. It starts in the center with a simple 4 patch. This might turn out to be a little tricky, but probably easily done.

quilt 2

This photo is of a strap that is used to contain a rolled up quilt. This would definitely be easy to make with charms, the amount of squares needed would depend on the size of the quilt.

split 9patch

I love this nine patch. You could use it just as you would a log cabin block. I love log cabin quilts, but this is easier to accomplish.