Anybody know whether printing-on-cloth technology has improved, proliferated, become cheaper and easier? I was looking at a beautiful picture (seventeenth-century Venice scene; related: also saw New York Public Library photo on cloth used for pillows) I’d love to see on cloth. When I’ve done it, I used pretty cheap muslin, ironed it onto freezer paper, ran thru computer: result mediocre. I had a friend’s sepia photo printed on cloth by a place in ?Colorado? and it turned out well but was expensive.

Is there a better way or a place that does it semicheaply?


Susan, EQ makes a superior packaged cloth for printing on.  It is sold in packages, but also way more expensive than June tailor or the other one JoAnns carries.  You might have to get it at a quilt shop.  That’s all I have. Trying to get photo quality on fabric is difficult.  Anyone else in the guild?  Lindy