This is just a traditional sawtooth star.  The only difference is, this one is made a little bit different, so that the points to the star will never be lost in the seam.

For each star block you need


For each star you need four star points


If you look at the photo, you will see that I scratched a straight line from my needle to the edge of my plexiglass insert.  You can do this however works for you.  I have used tape, sharpie markers to make this line.  If you see that the point of the square is on that line.  If you start sewing in the opposite corner and make sure that the point closest to you stays on this line all the way to the needle, you will have a straight line, and you will never have to mark the block.  This is a wonderful trick if you need to make a lot of “flying geese” blocks.

Trim the seam and repeat with the second 2.5” square. I find that it works out better if you start off on the same side on all of the blocks, that way they will cross in the same direction with you attach them to the center square.


When you have made all of the point sections, sew the block together. The 3.5” blocks go in each corner




As you can see, the points are still around ½” from the edge, so when you sew on the sashing, the points will never be cut off.