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 Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 13 Issue 8 – May 9, 2013

President: Mary Ann Grayson
Vice President: Sue Schillig
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary/Community Service: Teri Whidden
Library: Joanne Palun
Hospitality: Karin Knox and Bobbie Bruck
Membership: Pat Brush
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine: Elsie Kral
Bits & Pieces Editor: Teri Barile

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of month
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: St. Joe’s Social Hall, Amherst

Guild email:


This month Mo’Nique from Quilts and Sew Forth brings us an update on stripping and sets. Next month Peg Bingham will share her extensive knowledge of machine quilting’s colorful past and maybe a glimpse into the future.

Stray Threads
Sue Schillig 

After the gray of winter, look what spring gives us… Color! And lots of it! So it seemed fitting to share some color thoughts that I’ve gleaned over some many odd years of quilting. Someone once told me that it is important to be careful how you mix your blues, that the green blues, gray blues, and red blues really don’t mix all that well. Something about there is blue in the sky and blue in the water and only on the horizon do they work together. But then there is green. Mix them up any way you see fit. Seems that there is no end to the green mashups one can make, and careful need not be in our vocabulary. Spring brings forth color, and places it in just the right amount most of the time. I’m thrilled with the yellow line of daffodils, the splotch of yellow forsythia, but am reminded when the dandelions bloom that a lot of yellow in the quilt can be a bit overwhelming. Is it the possibility of the continual spread that clouds our appreciation, or is too much yellow just too much of a good thing? I wait for each new burst of color: orange and pink poppy, lavender wisteria, lilac, the gold of yarrow and the pink of peony, even the white blooms against the green foliage. Use spring to add sparkle to our quilts.

Sorry I can’t be there Thursday, but off to Grandma land… Piecefully, Sue

Teri Whidden

President MaryAnn Grayson called the meeting to order at 7:10pm. We had 2 visitors. MaryAnn asked if there were any additions/corrections to the minutes. Audrey Lauffer moved to accept as printed in the newsletter and Anne Schaefer seconded. Motion passed.

MaryAnn asked that all the officers and committee chairs introduce themselves to the guild. This was a good way to meet who is in the committees and what they do.

Committee Reports:

Community Service: Thank you to everyone who took baby quilts to finish and returned them and to Libby Betounes who donated two baby quilts. I was able to gift The Blessing House with 18 baby quilts and 10 pillowcases. So great job ladies!

Program: Beth from Cottonpickers Quilt Shop in Chardon was our speaker tonight. She brought her daughter, Becky. They brought lots of show and tell and talked about quilting with designs and patterns from Judy Niemeyer. Beth is a certified teacher. We saw the same pattern in different colorways and sizes. Becky is a Chef with the Moda Bake Shop and showed her quilts made from precut fabric pieces. She even has a book out called “Seamingly Scrappy”. and they brought vending. The program was amazing.

Fat Quarters: Mary Lou Brown told the group that she did have the 25 needed and she will pass out the information sheets.

Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler received Story Teller cards to iron on the back of the quilts. She will share these with the Home of the Brave.

Old Business: MaryAnn is taking sign ups for the bus trip to the NQA show in June. Kelly Grace shared computer skills and tips to several of us before the meeting. She will be available in June at 6:00 before the meeting. Please sign up to let her know how many will be coming. Carol still has raffle tickets available for the sewing basket. Please see her for your tickets.

New Business: MaryAnn is chair of the NEORQC getaway and is looking for a site this “side” of town. She will share more next month. Kaye Koler talked about making a “Quiltmobile” to have on display during our quilt show. She asked everyone to bring in any orphan blocks that are 12″ in size to the next meeting and told us how this project would work.

Show and Tell was wonderful and it is amazing how every month we are wowed with the talent this group has.

Kelly Grace made the motion to adjourn and Vicki Morris seconded it. Motion passed.


Northcoast Needlers Quilt Show 
May 18-19, 2013 10am-5pm
Don Umerly Civic Center Rocky River

National Quilting Association Show- Columbus 
June 27-29, 2013
AQS Grand Rapids 

August 14-17, 2013

Please remember to bring you brightly colored, 12 inch quilt blocks to the May meeting for the quilted car project. I’ve had a good response so far for people wanting to help! And have already received about 20 blocks. We will need 150-175 blocks total however to complete the car. Feel free to sign your blocks of you’d like. ( just NOT on the edge please, in case we have to make a dart or trim the block a little for fitting purposes)

Thank you all so much! I’m working on a date to sew them into panels that I can quilt in preparation for the car cover.


appraiserQuilt appraisers Dee Dadik and Molly Butler will be at our Quilt Show on May 18, 2013. The Quilt show will be held at the Rocky River Civic Center at Wager and Hilliard. Slots to have quilts appraised are still available from 1:20 to 5:00. Appraisals are available for $25 – verbal or $45. written. More information about the appraisers can be found on their web site, If you or someone in your guild is interested please have them contact me at 216-631-3881, or Thanks, Margaret O’Reilly


quilt policeLooney Laws – for quilters – Thanks Elsie Kral

There are many old laws that have been written and forgotten with time. It just takes forever to get rid of them once they have been put ‘in the books’

If you ever are in Bowman, North Dakota, don’t do any quilting in a cemetery. It’s illegial.


Smoking cigars while making a quilt for a kid’s Christmas gift is a violation of the law in Bicknell, Indiana.


And while your at it.. put away the snuff. No quilting wile dipping snuff in Hackberry, Arizona!

Closer to home, in Penninsula, Ohio if you sell your quilts at a roadside stand, don’t wear your patent leather shoes. The law sternly warns that men “might look at the reflection” in the woman’s shoes and thereby “see something they shouldn’t”


Never eat peanuts while quilting in Schurz, Nevada. The local sheriff has the legal right to make an offender stop working on the quilt until the peanuts are all eaten.


from the president