Hi Everyone,
We will be getting together THIS Saturday, June 22, 10-4 at the Main Street Community Center to start to fit
 the quilted panels to the actual car! There are still two panels that need the piecing completed. We got them
started but not finished. So if you can come and help that would be wonderful and FUN! Most of us brown bagged
it last time. Looking forward to putting this car together!!!
The other dates I’ve book the building are Saturday, July 6th & Saturday July 20th. same time 10-4pm. Not sure if we
 will need the last one or not but I’ve reserved the space.
Also, does anyone know where we can get screening for the windows (really low cost) for the windows? And I think
we will need  more velcro than I’ve purchased. If anyone has some long strips they would like to share…
Thank you very much!!