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Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 13 Issue 11 – July 11, 2013

President: Mary Ann Grayson
Vice President: Sue Schillig
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary/Community Service: Teri Whidden
Library: Joanne Palun
Hospitality: Karin Knox and Bobbie Bruck
Membership: Pat Brush
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine: Elsie Kral
Bits & Pieces Editor: Teri Barile

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of month
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: St. Joe’s Social Hall, Amherst
Guild email:

Kim Montagnese is doing a program on Zentanglezentangle1zentangle2
Zentangle can be described as fancy doodling.
On the right is an example of using zentangle
designs as quilting

Sue Schillig
Next month we will have the usual August picnic. Possibly a fabric garage sale too if anyone is
interested. We can talk about it at the meeting this week. August will be my last month as VP, and I welcome the break. It seems that no matter how much I do, the things I still want or need to do far out weigh my accomplishments. After spending all morning outside, you’d think things would be looking pretty good. Alas, as I jumped from one plant emergency to another, I could see so much more that needed done. I just finished making more jam, with more to do, which reminded me of some other definitions of “jam”. Yep, it can be a hot mess, and sometimes those things we think we need to do jam up our time. So, when I spend the day with the granddaughters, or squeeze out a minute to work on a quilt, am I just making the time crunch problem worse? Never. There are things in life that trump the daily routine.
Grandchildren and quilting are two of my favorites!
Piecefully, Suefrog

Teri Whidden
President Mary Ann Grayson called the meeting to order at 7:05. We had 6 visitors this evening. Elsie Kral moved to accept the minutes in the newsletter and Karin Knox seconded. Motion passed.
Community Reports:
Community Service: Linda Bell and Barb King turned in pillowcases. Julie Bragg, Janice Good, Elsie Kral, Ursula Marcinek, Fran Chapman, and Pat Mahoney turned in baby quilts. Thank you all so very much. These pillowcases and quilts were given to The Genesis House and they really appreciated the donation.

Program: This evening Peg Bingham returned and gave a very interesting talk about the “History of Machine Quilting”. Her power point presentation showed the timeline of inventors and how the machines have evolved into what we have today.

Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman had 11 of the quilts Blessed at her church. Dennis from the Lorain County
Prosecutors office is going to help locate missing addresses.

Fat Quarters: Mary Lou Brown was busy sorting and getting ready to pass out the fat quarters.

Announcements: Cindy from Cindy’s Sew Easy came to talk about the Mystery Quilt Class and showed some samples from previous classes. Sign ups are still being taken for the next class. UAW Local 2000 would like the guild’s help to sew pajama pants for local shelters. More about this in July. We have 111 quilts so far for the quilt show. There are still a few seats remaining for the bust trip to the NQA show. NEORQC 2014 Get-A-Way weekend will be Feb. 21 – 23, 2014 at the Betram Inn in Aurora. More details to come. The guild is still very much in the need for one or two ladies to fill the office of Vice President and one for Membership. These positions MUST BE filled in order for the guild to function within the guidelines of the bylaws.

Show & Tell was wonderful. The work that is produced every month is just amazing to see. Visitor, Merridee Pavlemko talked about and showed us the dolls she makes for the Giving Doll Ministry and they are given to children is distress.
Respectfully submitted,
Teri Whidden

Home of the BraveHOME OF THE BRAVE
Jan Alderman
If you weren’t at the last guild meeting, surprise, I was. I know it’s been a long time. I brought a picture of eleven quilts that were blessed at my church in Elyria. It was quite an impressive sight!! Two of them have already been mailed out to a wife and parents. I am hoping to get together some fabric and squares to be able to have a workshop to make some more quilts. Stay tune for further updates on this.

Thank you to Lorain County Prosecutor Dennis Will for a generous donation to Home of the Brave. He has some friends who are also assisting me to locate some of the 90 soldiers whose families still need to receive a quilt. Hopefully between us (the guild) and them we will make sure ALL of our fallen heroes’ families receive a quilt.
Janet Alderman

Susan Thornton
I liked Teri’s article about websites a lot and thought I’d mention one I found out about from Lindy and use often: The beauty of this site is that you can search by entering color or manufacturer and the site will find you possibilities. I used it to find leaf fabric I’d seen and needed more of as well as a print by ?Nancy? Kovel I was having trouble finding.

Sometimes you can call Hancock’s and Keepsake  if you can refer to a specific old catalog page and item number and still find some of what you’re looking for in stock; other times you’re out of luck.

I see references to ebay for various fabrics but have never tried them.

I love GoodWives Company in Marion  This is their blog, but their site, though having charming harpsichord musical accompaniment, has been nonoperational for months (last time I checked they were having trouble getting the Web guy to show up and fix it). I hesitate to order anything I don’t LOVE but I have been able to return cut yardage when it didn’t match the color represented in the photo in a CATALOG; though Keepsake did let me send back batik for that reason, I’d advise you against ordering batik from them because the color in the photo was SO FAR OFF; on the other hand, I’ve always been satisfied with the trueness of Hancock’s colors. I’ve never ordered from K’s and H’s sites because they never seemed to have much.

I’ve also ordered from and recommend out in Montana, and Vintage and Vogue in New Hampshire, discovered via, invariably has A LOT I want, so I often just go directly to
the store site now and roll around in the cloth. I’m backordered for Babar fabric Teri steered me to at Over the Rainbow out in Washington (state).

(from Teri, if you like Babar, this line of fabric will be released in October and you can also get it at Hawthorne fabrics. Enter your email to be notified when it comes in.)

I tried to find a canvas reproduction of the Bayeux Tapestry out in Bayeux, France, at the museum and in England at the former shop of the gal who did the one I bought about 100 years ago but no luck with those sites, sorry to report, and wish you luck with and will look forward to hearing about your own future tapestry searches.

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wanda1 wanda2Wanda Torres
I was saddened to read on FB this morning that Wanda Torres has passed away. She seemed to have a long term illness. I couldn’t find an obituary yet. Many of you will remember her as the woman who sewed colorful quilts an Irish theme. She used to bring so much show and tell that we marveled at her probable lack of sleep. One year, she passed out small gifts to all guild members. She brought joy to many and was the person who never had an unkind word for anyone. She will be missed.

by Teri Barile (who put the check for her dues in a paper calendar and forgot to pay them until June. Dumb place to stash the check since I don’t use a paper calendar)

Yes, my favorite thing about going to quilt shows is going to visit vendors. I’ll be the first one to admit that I have a weakness for new notions. I want to share a couple of things with you that I love, but can’t find locally.

cloverneedle threaderI have used the pins on the left for years. They are 0.4mm extra fine Patchwork pins by Clover. They are great for piecing because they are so fine that they don’t distort at the seam line, to make for more precise piecing. I sew over them if I am working on something intricate where it is important that nothing shifts. I hit one and DIDN’T break my needle.

pinOn the right is Dritz looped needle threaders. I think that JoAnn’s might carry these sometimes because I got some for Christmas one year from my friend Bobbie. But when I recently lost my last one, I couldn’t find them at JoA’s. They are long and really thin, and are nice for those days when you have trouble finding the hole in your machine needle.

wonder clipsHas anyone indulged in Wonder Clips? When I first saw them I thought they were a waste of money. I know that there are many options for clipping bindings etc, I have even used binder clips from office supply stores. They work great, and are inexpensive. But I used the notions sale at JoA’s to try these. They are flat on the bottom, so they are easier to sew up to on a seam. If you like to make bags, where layers may get really thick, these work great! Try some next time they go on sale. I also bought a package of the green clips that are longer..

binding expressI bought this June Tailor Quilt Binding Express at JoA’s on sale. It looks like one of those cutting matts with the ironing board on one side. This one is small, and has little slots on one end for different sizes of quilt binding.. I did a long binding on this, and it worked great as pulling it through the slot, helps fold the binding, as you press it as it comes out the other side. Genius.

I think it must be hard to vend at a quilt show. Not only do you have to lug all of that stuff in and out, but you have to be on your feet on those hard concrete floors. I’m always happy to show them my appreciation!

Free pattern: Hugs & Kisses by Sue Pickering at Windham Fabrics