I’ve been having a terrible time machine quilting this morning because the thread keeps breaking and I am constantly rethreading thru the microtiny needle hole. I even tried changing the needle, which Sue Schillig suggested once and solved whatever the problem was. All of a sudden a few minutes ago I realized I had to tug the quilt thru the machine more BUT the thread was not breaking, and then I noticed that I’d inadvertently pushed the ?stitch length lever? past 30 (I have a cool old Singer 202 from the 50s Bev Macbeth gave me, which I love as much as I can ever love anything mechanical and therefore mortal in my clueless hands)and was therefore making ultrashort stitches, but by God it was actually working and I am finally getting somewhere on this dismal process.

Question: Is this a general rule, that very short stitch length is advisable for home machine quilting? Please advise; I’ve got this and another to quilt before our show and have been dreading the discouraging prospect.