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Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 14 Issue 2 – October 10, 2013

President: Mary Ann Grayson
Vice President: Barb Spieker and Barb Vilagi
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary Cheryl Majewski
Community Service: Teri Whidden
Library: Joanne Palun
Hospitality: Karin Knox and Bobbie Bruck
Membership: Marilyn Novak and Karen Neuschaffer
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine Committee: Carole Doerr
Bits & Pieces Editor: Teri Barile

Meetings: 2nd Thursday of month
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: St. Joe’s Social Hall, Amherst

Guild email:


I was unable to find out what the program is for the next meeting. I talked to find out that there will be someone there tuning up sewing machines, but that is something that needed pre-registration. Sorry.

Stray Threads

Sue Schillig 

The great cotton hand quilting quilt batt search”
So, now that the weather is cooling, and the time is fast approaching for another grandchild, I thought I’d be proactive and get the next baby girl quilt in the frame. I finished piecing the top, found more backing fabric, and realized that I didn’t have a good hand quilting batt. So, the search began. I knew that one had been recommended at a guild meeting program from Mountain Mist, but of course I couldn’t remember. Neither could Deb Beard. I called Julie Bragg to see what she has been using for hand quilting but had to leave a message. Finally, I tried the Mountain Mist website. The number from the “Contact Us” button was of course to the wrong person, and I was redirected to Renee at another phone number. Here is where it gets interesting. They apparently do not have anyone working there who quilts! Not even apparently machine quilts! So, I was advised to try the upscale Cream Rose, which has no scrim, can be quilted up to 6 inches, and has a nice drape. I guess you can see where this is going. I’ll be trying this, which happens to be on sale at JoAnn’s right now, and we will see how it works out. I’m tempted to get the blue ribbon Mountain Mist, but Renee told me that Cream Rose is the best seller, and of higher quality. The Blue Ribbon can only be quilted up to 2 inches apart, which would actually be fine for what I’m doing, but guess I’ll try the best seller first. You can imagine my surprise that a quilt batting manufacturer doesn’t have anyone who works there that makes quilts. On the bright side, Renee was not from India, so I guess that is something. Happy quilting! And may you find the batt you need. Sue


Cheryl Majewski 

Our president, Maryann, welcomed everyone at 7:07 p. m. We had two visitors and several past members who rejoined. She also welcomed the ladies from Sew Deja Vu who presented our program. Maryann reported that membership dues was due at this time. There will be a paper-piecing workshop coming up, and the second Saturday in January there will be a Barb and Vicki Show workshop. Maryann thanked Julie Bragg and Karen Neuschaefer for putting together the quilts for the show and Pam Scholle for taking over ticket sales. Kelly Grace will put all the due dates for the show on the guild website. There were two blue baskets this month, one for Sue Moehle and one for Carol Stomieroski. Maryann also brought in an article from the Lorain Journal about our quilted car.

Pam Scholle reported that @ $6,000 came into the treasury and @ $4,000 went out.

Teri Whidden reported that Barb King, Pam Scholle, Kathy Clark, and Judy Riggle all turned in quilts and/or pillow cases for community service.

Janet Alderman thanked those who were at the Home of the Brave work day this morning. There were 88 nine-patch blocks completed. A quilt was sent to the mother of the first soldier from Ohio to die in Iraq.

We had 12 ladies bring items for show and tell. Everything was outstanding.

Maryann thanked everyone who put quilts in the Emma Gatewood show by handing out certificates of appreciation.

Meeting was adjourned.

Following the meeting Karen Neuschaefer measured and took pictures of quilts for the show.

Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Majewski

Home of the BraveHOME OF THE BRAVE 

Janet Alderman 

Thank you to Libby Betounes, Bev Tucker, Cheryl Majewski, Fran Chapman and Julie Bragg for coming to the Ninepatch on Point Workshop. The ladies were very industrious and about 80 squares sewn!! Also, Pat Mahoney made some squares and got donations from signatures on some of her squares. Thank you Pat!

The Quilt Show at New Russia Township Hall has been going well. The first day a lot of squares were signed and $140 was collected!! I can hardly wait to find out what our total will be after two more days!!

In doing a poster for the show, I came up with the following statistics: (As of Oct. 2, 2013)

293 Ohio soldiers have lost their lives
78 soldiers still need to have quilts
286 quilts have been sent to family and spouses
234 quilts could be needed for the remaining soldiers (if parents are divorced and the soldiers were married)

Since August, the following soldiers’ families have received quilts:

CPL Nathan Anderson – 2004
MSGT Adam Benjamin – 2009
SGT David Christoff – 2006
LCpl Peter Clore – 2011
CPL Derek Dixon – 2007
LCpl Dustin Fitzgerald – 2004
SGT Dennis Kancler – 2011
PFC Christian Gurtner – 2003
SGT Jesse Balthaser – 2010
CW3 James Groves III – 2013

There are 3 more I hope to get in the mail this coming week!! We’re doing well!!!

Janet Alderman

embroideryEmbroidery at the Guild 

In November, there will be a hands-on embroidery session at 5 pm, prior to the Guild meeting. We will be stitching a quilt square at this session so anyone interested can see how quilting can be accomplished on the embroidery machine. You can bring your own machine and learn how to do this on your machine. If you have an embroidery machine you would like to bring, we will need the type of designs you use, size of hoops, and how you get the designs on the machine. i.e. USB stick, Floppy disk, Magic box, etc. We will be running sign-up sheets in October so we can have the supplies and designs ready when you come in. Look for more information and samples at the meeting in October. If you have any questions please see Barb Spieker or Karen Neuschaefer.

sunshine committeeSUNSHINE 

Carole Doerr

Would you please send me any updates – happy or sad – so we can let the rest of the Guild know so we can share in your successes and happiness, and stand by you when you are feeling blue. Your email address would be helpful.

Carole Doerr
Sunshine Chair

community serviceCOMMUNITY SERVICE 

Teri Whidden 

Kathy Clark tuned in one baby quilt. Pam Scholle turned in four baby quilts. Barb Kin turned in 1 babyquilt and 5 pillowcases.

Judy Riggle turned in 10 quilts!

Thank you!! Teri Whidden

cell phoneNote to self; just because the ringer on your phone is turned off, it doesn’t mean that the alarm you set won’t make incessant noise when it goes off at guild. Apologies to everyone that had to listen to my alarm drone on at the last meeting while I flitted around insisting that my phone wasn’t on….. It is set to remind me to take my medicine. This shows that I’m rarely out past 8:30 or, that I am rarely far away from my phone. By the time I got home, I DID forget to take the meds..

Teri Barile

for saleFrom Susan Leininger
I have a Husqvarna 910 serger for sale. I used it about 10 times. Also have a Husqvarna Freesia for sale.
Email me if interested at

email problemsEMAIL PROBLEMS 

I want all of you to get your newsletters, but I have some problem emails, emails that are returned every month. One of them I learned no longer has an email, so I have deleted it from the newsletter list.

MaryLou Kucerna – I get your emails back every time.
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Linda Warzycki I also get your email back every month
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Kathy Clark – Do you have a new email, or is it still the address?


Please visit the NEORQC website for news on area guild happenings, shows, etc. There is a link to sign up for their email newsletter on the site.



Karen Neuschaefer

It’s time to pay your dues!!! Over half the membership has paid, and we now have 82 members unless someone drops out. The original list I had showed 69 members, which means we have picked up 13 new members, including me, since I joined in June. The membership form is attached at the end of the newsletter. Please see Marilyn Novak at the meeting on Thursday to pay.

Also, I’m working on membership cards and will get them out soon. Thanks!

chicken saladLynette’s Quilt Show Chicken Salad 

After getting raves for the chicken salad that Lynette Thomson provided on Thursday, Lynette has given us a recipe called Kix Brooks Chicken Salad.

4 Cups Cooked and diced chicken
1 cup Celery, chopped
1/2 cup pineapple tidbits
1/2 cup sliced seedless grapes
1/2 cup diced apple
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1/2 cup coconut
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp sugar

1 cup Mayonnaise
1 cup cool whip
1 tsp sugar
1/4 cup pineapple juice

Combine the first group of ingredients in a large bown. Bake the coconut 5 minutes, stir, and bake 5 more minutes before adding to the mixture. 

Set aside and refrigerate. Mix the dressing ingredients together, and add to refrigerated mixture. Chill and Serve.

quilts from quilt show



Hello Ladies,

It is once again that time of year when we collect membership dues. Please complete the membership form when you submit your dues so we can update our records. We don’t want to leave anyone out.

Thank you very much,
The Membership Committee