Caren Young has operated a dress shop at a local Old West Festival for several years, and this year she is expanding into a larger space and offering a wider variety of products.  She plans to add quilts to her offering, and is seeking artisans willing to consign their quilts to her shop.

With the Old West theme, the ideal submissions would be colors and fabrics reminiscent of the period (late 1800’s).  She would like a variety of sizes.  Small quilts will likely be very popular with the masses, but there will be some people who seek the larger sizes.

One novel idea would be to have your group that crafts quilts for the military families make a bunch of small quilts to sell for the purpose of raising money to produce and ship the quilts you send to the military families.  Caren would be happy to make a display explaining your project and the comfort it brings to these families.

If you or any of your group would like more information, you can email Caren at:

Also, here is a link to the festival web page:  Welcome to the Old West Festival