I’m sorry I can’t make the meeting as we are taking our grandson on a birthday trip.  However, when I get home I’ll send out another email.
I have two more “Kits” ready to be sewn and 2 quilts that need binding. You can email me if you are interested in doing either project.  I’ll contact you when I get home.  My husband will be so glad to be able to see our living room floor!
  After this, it is sew sew sew nine patch squares so we can have people sign at the fair and the Quilt Show by making a donation.  If anyone would like to make some on their own please feel free to do so.  REMEMBER no teals (my fav color *:( sad) or pink or anything BRIGHT!!!  Usually small prints in subdued colors.  The center can be muslin (descent quality) or any cream center that will allow writing on them.
Come Aug.13th I start back going to Columbus to babysit – 2 little ones and 2 dogs!  Believe it or not sometimes the dogs are more work!!!
Thank YOU for all you do for the Home of the Brave.  Our heroes may be gone but we CAN’T forget them.
Janet Alderman