Bits & Pieces GraphicLorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 15 Issue 1 – September 11, 2014

President: Mary Ann Grayson
Vice President: Barb Spieker and Barb Vilagi
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary: Cheryl Majewski
Community Service: Teri Whidden
Library: Joanne Palun
Hospitality: Karin Knox and Bobbie Bruck
Membership: Marilyn Novak and Karen Neuschaffer
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine Committee: Carole Doerr
Bits & Pieces Editor: Kelly Grace

Meetings:         2nd Thursday of month
Time:               7:00 PM
Location:         New Russia Township Lodge,
46300 Butternut Ridge Rd, Oberlin, 44074

Guild email:

meeting placeMeeting Location has changed!
New Russia Township Lodge
46300 Butternut Ridge Rd
Oberlin, 44074

Electric Quilt Demo by Kelly Grace

Sue Schillig
I’ve taken a lot of grief from family over the years regarding my quilting passion.  My husband has threatened to cart my “stash” to Goodwill on numerous occasions.  The girls are supportive, but I’m sure they’ve rolled their eyes a time or two when dinner was late because “I just need to finish this turn”.  So imagine my surprise when my husband sent texts to the girls and Sarah posts the picture on Facebook!   It does a person good to be recognized for what they enjoy doing.  I hope Kaye Koler felt the same thrill, as she was part of the winning team quilt entry–she did the quilting after all!  I would encourage more people to enter competitions and county fairs.  Enter your quilts in the quilt show in October.  Everyone needs that feel good experience once in awhile.  I’m hoping it encourages me to work on some new designs and gives me the boost I need to finish some of my projects.  That could happen, right?

Piecefully, Sue Schillig

Cheryl Majewski

We met at 6:30 for our summer potluck meeting. Before the meal MaryAnn welcomed all visitors and new members. Sue Schillig said grace before our wonderful meal.

Pam Scholle gave the treasurer’s report. We have $5,180.28 which includes $1,213.26 that belongs to Home of the Brave. Judy Riggle made a motion that we donate $300 to Quilts of Valor. Bobbie Bruck seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Ruth Groot reported that there were going to be 25 quilts at the fair. Next year a woman from the fair board will come to our meeting to register people to make it easier for everyone. Ruth had volunteer sign-up sheets on the tables.

Karen Neuschaefer reported that she would be taking postcards advertising our quilt show to the fair. There will be five vendors at the show plus a guild table. There will be raffle baskets again. If any one has something to donate to the baskets see Barb Spieker, Barb Cowger-Vilagi, or Kathy Clark. We will have the building Thursday thru Sunday.

Marilyn Novak was taking membership applications and dues for the new year. Membership fee is $25.00 yearly.

There are several events scheduled at Main Street Amherst. Aug. 30 is a Kid Sew Day from 10:00 to 4:00. Wed., Sept. 17 is Embroidery Day. Sept. 20 MaryLou Brown is organizing a P. J. Party from 10:00 to 4:00.

St. Joseph Church has raised our rent and our insurance cost, so we will be moving our meetings to the New Russia Township Hall.

Sue Schillig reported that she will be giving an English paper piecing program on the second Tues. of Sept. at 7:00 at the North Branch Elyria Public Library.

Kelly Grace will be taking over the newsletter. Anyone contributing to the newsletter  may send everything  to her the same as they do now for awhile.

Before Show and Tell we went around the room and everyone introduced themselves and told what they did in the guild and how long they had been a member.

Eight people had something for Show and Tell.

Respectfully submitted,
Cheryl Majewski


community serviceCommunity Service
Judy Riggle made 8 quilts, Lindy Sleasman donated 1 baby quilt, Bev Tucker donated 2 huge bags full of shampoo and body lotions.  Thank you so much ladies!  These are very greatly appreciated.

September is “Amnesty Month”

Calling all baby quilt kits that are unfinished!  If you have a baby quilt kit that has been hanging around and have not had time to work on it, please feel free to bring it to the September meeting.   We are going to have a sewing day (to be announced) and we can use these kits then.  So, please check your sewing room.

Teri Whidden

Home of the Brave2HOME OF THE BRAVE    
Janet Alderman 

Judy Riggle gave someone a plastic box of nine patches on point at the Aug. meeting.  They were for the fair to raise money.  However, they seem to have taken a different route because no one I’ve spoken with knows where they are.  If you happen to have them or know where they are, please either email me or give them to Cheryl Majewski.  (That will teach her to live so close to me.

I fell just before the Thursday at the fair and consequently have gotten behind.  I was hoping to have a work shop to sew more nine patches like we did last year to raise money, but I am not available any Thursday in Sept. before our quilt show.  Please, Please, PLEASE, if any of you can sew some I will be extremely great full.  Perhaps I can even give you some material scraps that would work – (weekends or Mondays).

I did mail off 4 quilts today:
CWO Christopher Thibodeau – parents and wife
SPC Robert Hartwick – parents
SPC Christian Neff – mother

I have 5 more addresses and only need to make the labels that go on the back of the quilts.

We are headed to Columbus this weekend for the Ohio Fallen Memorial Service being held in Sunbury, Ohio.  I always hope that perhaps I’ll find one of our missing heroes that needs a quilt.

Thank you to Ruth Groot, Cheryl Majewski, Pat Mahoney, Judy Riggle and Carol Stomieroski for the help they have given me.

Gone But Not Forgotten!
Janet A

Lorain County FairLorain County Fair

I would like to thank everyone who helped with the Lorain County Fair.  The fair board was very pleased with our help.  We have the suggestions that our members have made and I will review them with everyone at our next meeting.

Ruth Groot

When I went to the Fair on Thursday, Seniors and Veterans got in free.  Both groups were interested in quilts and in talking about them.  Several were also interested in joining the Guild.  One veteran had already had one of our Quilts of Valor delivered to his home.  Several more were interested in receiving one.  That was especially true for Vietnam veterans, who never received respect on their return–sometimes even being spit upon.

They were also interested in the antique quilts and crocheting exhibited near our table.

We need more and larger signage, and T-shirts to provide identity and encourage interaction.

Quite a few quilters came by, and were enthusiastic promoters of quilting!

Judy Riggle

tshirt quilt2JUST IN TIME FOR HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING or get a jump on NEXT year’s graduate!

I’ve had several requests for a TEESHIRT QUILT Workshop. I have two dates in mind. The first one is Saturday, October 12, 12-5. OR Saturday, October 25, 10-3. I will hold the workshop on the date I get the most sign ups for. If interested please email me for details.     (Kaye Koler)

This class will be held at the Main Street Community Center, 255 Park Ave., Amherst.

Quilting Live – Expo in Atlanta, GA
Our own Kaye Koler has a quilt on display!

LCP Quilt Show News

Hi Ladies,

Just a reminder, forms and pictures are due for the quilt show at this meeting.  We are still about 50 quilts short of having the 150 goal we had set.  Those of you who have not submitted your forms at all, please make sure we get your information this week. We will use the 1st 3 that each person submits.  For those who have extra quilts, I would take the information on these quilts this week also.  We will contact you if we are unable to accommodate all the quilts you have submitted.

The little stories that go with your quilts are very appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Karen and Julie

sunshine committeeSunshine Committee


This is what I have so far for blue bags for next Thursday’s meeting:
Karen Neuschaefer (bag never finished) – father-in-law – blue/batiks
Terri Widden – mother – brown/batiks
Bev Tucker – mother – bright ones
Nicole Justice – grandmother – sparkly pinks

As an fyi – I will be sending out three cards:
Melanie Majewski – getting married Sept 20
Kathy McKenzie – illness
Barb Spieker – recovering from knee surgery

I will also be sending out a plant to Terri Widden for the loss of her sister earlier this summer as per MaryAnn rather than two blue bags.

Do you know of anyone I am missing for blue bags or cards?

Template 14 by No Reimer ReasonYouth Sew Day – August 30, 2014

On the 30th of August seven  souls went to Amherst for a day of fun:  Hannah; Olivia; Ivenna; Kathy Kayden, grandmother of Hannah, Olivia, and Ivenna; Nicole; Jean Ruth, great aunt of Nicole; and President MaryAnn Grayson. Some of the girls have used sewing machines before and some were not too sure of the machines. It started out with the adults showing the girls how to use the machines, and by the end of the day the girls were showing each other how to use the machines. We had a pizza lunch from Olde Town Pizza House. By the end we had one quilt top put together, one wall hanging, and one lap quilt almost finished. The girls wanted to know if they could come back the next day (Sunday) to finish and to do more. They all left with the knowledge of how to make sure they had a ¼-inch seam, how to set and press a seam open, and how to press the seams the opposite way for putting seams together. I hate to say it but their seams went together better than mine. At the end it was great to see smiles of satisfaction and fun on their faces and wanting more knowledge and to continue sewing. Please keep posted through the newsletter and e-mails for further dates for the kids. It gave great pleasure to teach these young girls and to see the smiles on MaryAnn and Kathy’s faces as the girls worked together and helped each other. A great day was had by all.   –Jean Ruth

Upcoming Show

You have a great web page and easy to use. I am publicity chair for our upcoming Quilt Show…The City Blues Quilt Show presented by the members of the Tree City Quilters’ Guild in Wooster.

Our Show will be at the Buckeye Event Center, 624 Henry St., Dalton, OH, 44618. Admission is $5 and it is handicap accessible. We will have over 200 quilted items created by our members since the last quilt show in 2012. Also six vendors, a Keepsake Challenge Traveling Exhibit, demos and more. We look forward to seeing your members at our show, You may call me at 330-264-6906 with any questions. Thank you so much. Ruth Bishop

President’s Message – LCP Sept newsletter