Hey, thank you all for signing up to be in the Red and White Quilt Challenge or the Fifty States Challenge. I’m not sure I was altogether clear/lucid so let me repeat a couple of things:


Julie Bragg and Karen Neuschafer like the idea of including the Red and White Quilts as a display (like the beautiful miniatures the Twisted Stitchers minigroup had in our last show) in our next quilt show, October 2016. I figure we’ll have revolving deadlines: at the Christmas 2015 Potluck, at the Summer 2016 Potluck, and at the Fall 2016 Quilt Show. You can finish and show and tell your quilt at any or all of those deadlines.

Any kind of red and white quilt, any size, is welcome: no rules or requirements, just your preferences. The big thing is to have several for the show next fall (2016). FIRST DEADLINE IS THE CHRISTMAS POTLUCK IN DECEMBER.


Pick a state, buy a fat quarter from it, and put it into the exchange basket at the Christmas 2015 meeting. In exchange you get a fat quarter from another state. I’m going to write MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM IDAHO on a tag on mine. You can wrap it, tie a bow on it, form it into a crane, or not, as your fancy dictates.

Thank you so much for joining in. If you have any questions or want to sign up, give me a yell.