Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 16 Issue 3 – November 12, 2015

President: Mary Ann Grayson
Vice President: Barb Spieker and Barb Vilagi
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary: Cheryl Majewski
Community Service: Teri Whidden
Library: Joanne Palun & Janice Good
Hospitality: Karin Knox and Bobbie Bruck
Membership: Marilyn Novak & Karen Neuschaffer
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine Committee: Carole Doerr & Melani Majewski
Challenge Committee: Susan Thornton, Helen Smelser, Kelly Grace
Bits & Pieces Editor: Kelly Grace
Articles due by Saturday before meeting, Newsletter sent out Sunday before meeting.

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of month
Time:        7:00 PM
Location:  New Russia Township Lodge,
46300 Butternut Ridge Rd, Oberlin, 44074

Website: https://loraincountypiecemakers.wordpress.com
Guild email: loraincountypiecemakers@gmail.com


Joyce Ely from JEllen’s House of Fabrics

Sue Schillig

The broken foot worked well to jump start some of my long ago begun projects, but just as soon as I could manage to get around they are once again abandoned! Not what I was hoping for but guess I need to be grateful for the little I did accomplish. Being thankful seems to be the thing to do this month. I’ve seen it on several Facebook posts. So I began to think about just a few things a quilter might be thankful for. And, in no particular order here is my list:

  1. I’m thankful for all the machine quilters who finish all those tops we make and have no intention of quilting.
  2. Very thankful we have such an abundance of choice in this country, so that the sky’s the limit as to fabric and thread purchases. Well, maybe not the sky, but the budget.
  3. Grateful to all those who have gone before and created such lovely patterns for us to copy or use as a starting point for our own lovely designs
  4. A hearty thanks to understanding spouses and children who have eaten countless hurried dinners and stepped on the odd pin or needle without serious complaint.
  5. Kudos to quilt shop owners who have stayed in business despite what their accountants might have recommended.
  6. For quilting friends, who when we might have stalled out on projects have given us encouragement to continue until the end.
  7. For the many who have received the gift of a quilt and treasured it forevermore.
  8. A thanks to the UFO’s left by generations before that have jump  started another new quilter.
  9. Thanks to all the quilting teachers who have gladly shared their knowledge with others.
  10. And finally to all the quilters, who have brightened up our world with their colorful creations and warmed both hearts and bodies.       

Piecefully, Sue Schillig

Membership/Quilt Show Notes

1.  There will be a Quilt show committee meeting at 6 pm prior to the guild meeting on Thursday November 12. All are welcome to attend.
2. A membership list will be sent to NEORQC in December.  If you would like to have a NEORQC membership card, your name needs to be on this list.  If  your dues are not paid by the December guild meeting, your name will not be on the list.
3. There will be a package put together for new members.  This packet will  include a membership list with names, addresses, phone numbers and emails.  If you do NOT want your information on the list, please notifly Karen Neuschaefer as soon as possible. Your name can be on the list without your information.  We hope to have these lists available at the December meeting. to opt out, email krayon227@gmail.com.  Thank you.

Cheryl Majewski

No Report

Quilts of Valor
Kaye Koler

No Report

Janet Alderman

It’s been a while since the last time in August when I made it to guild.  However, I’m still always busy with Home of the Brave.

September saw me attending the Fallen Heroes Memorial Ceremony on Sept. 12th.  It is always the Saturday nearest Sept 11th.  The Gold Star parents are invited to a private luncheon and then have a ceremony by the memorial of headstones of Ohio’s fallen.  It is something to see!  This year the weather was very windy, but during the outdoor service the sky opened up and the sun shone down.  AMEN!  I was able to make contact with 4 families on our missing list.  Two other people offered to look for those in the area where they lived.  My sister from Florida has probably found the most missing by locating 7 addresses for me to contact!

I don’t know what happened to October other than I always seemed to be at the post office. (What a pain with their driveway being redone!)  I was able to mail 18 quilts out between Sept and Oct.

They went to:
LCPL Robert Eckfield     Oct. 27, 2005     mother
MSG Brad Clemmons        Aug. 21, 2006     wife, mother
LCPL Bret Poklar         Feb. 28, 2013     mother
LT. Col. Kevin Sonnenberg     June 15, 2007     wife, parents<
LT. Miroslav Zilberman   March 31, 2010    wife, parents
SGT Shawn Fannin         Nov. 12, 2010     wife
PC Joseph Riley         Nov. 24, 2014     parents
SPC James Robinson Jr.   Aug. 28, 2010     wife, parents
CW2 Theodore Church      May 28, 2007      wife, mother
PFC. Zachary Salmon      Jan. 12, 2011     father
CPT. Joshua Michael McClimans  April 22, 2011     wife
CPL. Lucas Pyeatt        Feb. 5, 2011      parent
PC Michael Cook Jr.     June 6, 2011      wife

Now you can see why I need your support in making the quilts.  I have 3 quilters helping me.  Linda Miller in Uniontown, Marie Alford in Elyria and Teri and Dave Walter (though Teri claims Dave does all the machine quilting.)<

I am going to send a quilt to a mother whose son was killed in Desert Storm. When I spoke with her at the Fallen Heroes Ceremony, she said “Oh no, he isn’t here because he was ONLY KILLED in Desert Storm.” She came to support a friend, but the sadness on her face said it all.


Community Service
Teri Whidden

Pat Predmore, Sandy Morse, Ursula Marcinak & Sharon Lutz  returned completed baby quilt kits passed out in September.  Ruth Groot gave me 4 pairs of flannel pj bottoms, Pat Predmore donated 7 yards of warm and natural batting, Sandy Lambert, Kelly Grace, Sue Gerbick & Deb Beard  donated baby quilts & lots of scrap fabric, pieces of batting and misc. to be sorted and distributed to baby quilts, pj party sewing, youth sewing, Home of the Brave & Quilts of Valor.

Genesis House received 19 baby quilts, 36 pj bottoms & toiletries.

Thank you all so very much!

Blog Content Request

Looking for things to post on our blog. In January I posted about cutting with a die cutter. Is there something you’d like reviewed? Is there something you’d like to review? Please feel free to send me anything you’d like posted on the blog – reviews (books, notions, patterns), tutorials – either ones you’ve written or ones you’ve found online, etc. Remember this is our guild – you can contribute to the blog as well!


LCP Handbook Draft – 2015
LCP Shirt Order Form
AQS Grand Rapids Trip Information 


The challenge committee has come up with 13 possible challenges for 2016. Please take some time, look them over and vote on what you would like to participate in next year. You may vote for more than one, please select all the challenges you’d like to participate in! If you have any questions on them please contact Susan Thornton, Kelly Grace or Helen Smelser for more information. The hope is by the December meeting we will be able to announce what we are going to be doing for challenges for the next year.

The Red and White quilts are going to be an on-going challenge as we are going to have a section at the next quilt show of our quilts. Please think about participating in this challenge! First deadline/showing of the challenge quilts is our December potluck. The July potluck is the second deadline with possibly a third deadline of the September meeting. All quilts shown will be in the special “What’s Red and White and Quilted All Over?” exhibit in our 2016 quilt show.

Also at the December potluck we will have the Fifty States Fat Quarter Exchange – buy a fat quarter from another state, label it with the name of the state and those participating will choose fat quarters from a basket at the meeting.

What challenges would you like to participate in during 2016?

Fat Quarter Exchange
Red and White Quilts
50 States Fat Quarter Exchange – order (or visit a shop while on vacation) a fat quarter from another state, label it (Merry Christmas from Idaho, for example), and participants will draw a fat quarter from a basket at the potluck
Round Robin
Row by Row – 1-2 rows provided each month January – October with final quilts to be shown at December potluck
Postcard Exchange
Bra Challenge – Small quilts or blocks
PhD Challenge – submit a list of all your unfinished projects that you’d like to finish in the year along with a fat quarter, for each one you finish your name goes in for a drawing for the fat quarters at the end of the year
Brown Bag Challenge – put x number of fat quarters in a brown bag with your name, trade them, then make something for that person out of the fat quarters and 1-2 yards of fabric you add
Ugly/Holiday/Selected color fat quarter shuffle – everyone who wants to participate brings a FQ they consider ugly. You stand in a circle and pass to the left and right different amounts of hand-overs, based on a story with numbers or the roll of dice, or musical chairs type of game. Everyone ends up with a different fq than they brought ( usually ones they like better)
Orphan Block Exchange -This could be “brown bag” or just some kind of “how ever many you put in, you can take”. Good blocks that were made as a sample, or they made one too many, or they were testing a color combo, or they just decided against a certain pattern for whatever reason. We could issue a challenge to use the orphan block(s) you choose to make a quilt? – Or we could donate them all to community service and see if a group can get some cute quilt(s) out of them?
Notion scavenger hunt: Members could supply unwanted/ extra notions, which could be listed on a scavenger hunt sheet. Finder’s keepers?
Community service block of the month challenge. Hand out a pattern and each person makes two. One gets handed in to community service and the second goes into a drawing. For each block you turn in, you get your name in the drawing. The winner wins all the blocks turned in to the drawing.
Please Specify:

Poll Maker

Notes from the President
Thanks to all of you who participated in the Guild Garage Sale. I appreciate you providing such a variety of notions and fabrics! Hopefully we can do it again when you want to do it! Thanks to Pat P. and Teri W. for coordinating the event.

Bruce ‘The Scissor Guy’ will be at the Lodge from 5 pm – until on Thursday, our Workday/Meeting day. Bruce will sharpen sewing and pinking scissors, rotary blades AND kitchen knives! Bruce will finish them before for during the meeting.

Our sick and shut ins have been in and out of the hospital. MaryLou Brown and Jean Ruth have recently been hospitalized, we wish them both a speedy recovery.

On a sad note, Kathy Kayden’s mother passed away. It would be a a kind gesture to provide a ‘Blue Bag’ for her. Her color choice is blue. Please bring a fat quarter to put in our Blue Bag for Kathy. The ‘blue bag’ is our guild’s way of sending our sympathy to our members.

Please read over the Constitution and By-laws and be prepared to vote to accept them at this meeting. Our goal is to present your membership handbook in December.

Thanks for those who have volunteers to work on a committee or project for the next year. Every member can contribute time and/or talents to make our Guild and community better.

… about our speaker

Joyce Ely

This month you will have Joyce Ely from JEllens’s House of Fabrics. This shop owner is known for amazing collections of fabrics. She has displays that not only show off the fabrics and patterns with quilts but matching candy! She and daughter, Sarah, spend a lot of time on issues around Downs Syndrome.

Win a WAGON!

We will raffle off a collapsible wagon at our December meeting. Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00. See Pam, our treasurer for tickets.

Quilt Camp

We had a fun time at Quilt Camp in Ripley, WV in October. Barb ‘Blue’, Marilyn N, Karen N. and MaryAnn enjoyed great classes and fantastic weather. This four day camp offers your choice of a four day class or two two day classes, meals and rustic housing. Quilt Camp – Spring Training will be held in March. Check out Quilt Camp at Pegspatches.com.

SewWhat is moving! Be our Guest.

The Quilt Gang is moving SewWhat! The Quality Inn is a cozy building. Our sewing room is on the first floor. Our sleeping rooms are across the hall! The lighting is not as bright as the room in Oberlin, please bring your lights and power strips.

Our new location is the Elyria Quality Inn, 739 Leona Street, Elyria 44035. The Inn is located west of SR 57 just off Griswold Road. There is a Hertz Rental on the corner and at the next corner (Leona Street, next light, make a right turn). 440-324-7676.

Saturday, November 14th (10 am – until ?)
& Sunday, November 15th (9 am – until ?)

Next SewWhat: Saturday, December 12th & Sunday, December 13th

December meeting is our Annual Dinner

You are cordially invited to share an evening of fun, food and fellowship. We will draw the winner of our Wagon Raffle.

Please plan to bring a side dish and a smile!

2016 Classes/Activities

  • “The Strip Club” – Joanne Hubbard – January 2016
  • Design your own Jacket (or Vest) – Gloria Kellon, Instructor – April and May, 2016
  • Embroidery Machines – Instructor to be announced – June 2016

Sunshine Committee

No Report

Youth Corner
Jean Ruth

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