Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 16 Issue 6 – February 11, 2016

President: Jean Ruth
Vice President: MaryAnn Grayson
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary: Chris Yoo
Community Service: Teri Whidden
Library: Joanne Palun, Vicky Morris & Janice Good
Hospitality: Karin Knox & Bobbie Bruck
Membership: Marilyn Novak & Karen Neuschaffer
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine Committee: Val Watring
Challenge Committee: Susan Thornton, Helen Smelser, Kelly Grace
Bits & Pieces Editor: Kelly Grace
Articles due by Saturday before meeting, Newsletter sent out Sunday before meeting.

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of month
Time:        7:00 PM
Location:  New Russia Township Lodge,
46300 Butternut Ridge Rd, Oberlin, 44074

Website: https://loraincountypiecemakers.wordpress.com
Guild email: loraincountypiecemakers@gmail.com


Sue Schillig

I did some cleaning out the other day.  Apparently, even though I borrow most of my books from the library, occasionally I manage to collect a few.  On one shelf I found a notebook of sorts with a list of unfinished projects dated 2009. There were 25 of them.  How many do you think I had completed by 2016? If you guessed even 10 you would be sadly mistaken.  Six of the twenty five had been finished. Which led me to think about what I had been doing in the last 6 years?  Well, I do keep a list of  completed projects. During that time I completed 39 projects. One might begin to wonder how that could be?

I think we are lucky if even half of started projects are every completed.  Some of the malingerers are never going to see the top of a bed, table or wall space. And probably that is just as well.  Some are what I call long term–too good to finish too quickly.  I’ve made that up but it sounds good, right?  And some need passed along to another’s UFO pile.  But they have a hold on us that makes it difficult to release them, not unlike that lovely dress that someday I just know I’ll wear again.  If you are trying to declutter your life, maybe its just best not to start with the quilt room.  Piecefully, Sue

Meeting Minutes

Jean Ruth called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.  There was one visitor for the evening, Kaye Koler’s granddaughter.  Jean introduced our speaker for the evening, Joanne Hubbard, who presented “The Strip Club.”  Joanne announced that next month during the day before the guild meeting she would be hosting a Strip Club Sew-In where the group would be making quilts for charity.  The exact date/time would be Thursday, February 11th from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Joanne noted they would be working on 5 specific “strip club” patterns, several of which she would highlight this evening.

Following a brief break to admire Joanne’s wonderful quilts, Jean asked the group if they had had a chance to review the minutes from the December meeting, and if there were any necessary changes.  No changes noted, so the minutes were approved.

Jean shared that she had met with the Guild Board previously and there was a recommendation that they nominate Judy Riggle as a lifetime member of the guild for everything that she has done.  Jean noted that there is currently one other lifetime member, Sally Gezzer.  There was a brief discussion on the topic, followed by Teri Whidden’s motion that with the September 2016 term, Judy Riggle would become a lifetime member of the guild.  Mary Lou Brown seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

Jean presented a name tag challenge to the guild.  Jean distributed small muslin rectangles to the group and said that it was time to move our name tags into the 21st century.  Jean challenged the group to sew their own name tag and indicated that the muslin was just a place to start.  The tag would be a way for each member to display their handiwork.  It was noted that the name should be large and bright enough to be read across the table.  There were no other guidelines.  It was suggested that the the tags could be hand sewn, embroidered—your choice, just be your creative self.  Jean noted that the membership committee will still have a member list at the door for everyone to sign in, including visitors, but they will stop issuing and collecting the paper name tags.   There will be temporary “My Name Is” write-in name tags at the door for anyone who forgot their name tag, but in order to use a temporary tag, a guild member will have to put 25 cents in name tag jar.

Treasurer Report:  Pam Scholle reported that we have $7,996.47 in our Treasury and shared that they made $115.00 on the wagon sale.  Pam indicated that Home of the Brave had a balance of $986.76, and and the Quilts of Valor balance was $280.24.  Community Service:  Teri Whidden reported that Community Service received toiletry donations from Judy Riggle, Bev Tucker, and Cheryl Majewski. There was a call for volunteer(s) to act as backup from Mary Lou Brown in case she is unable to host a scheduled community service event or pajama party.  The committee asked if anyone was interested to contact any one one of the committee members.  Teri noted that although there were no January events planned, they did have a Pajama Party planned for February at a new location, Zion United Methodist on 113 in Elyria, across from Groves Fruit Farm.  Lynette Thomson spoke with the Church and they welcomed the group to host youth sewing and pajama parties at that location.  It was noted that the location was accessible, and there was a nice kitchen area.  The February date was not noted.

Youth Group:  Jean reported that the Youth Group would be meeting one last time this Saturday at the Amherst South Main location, but in February they would start meeting at Zion United Methodist Church.  A guild member questioned how many sewing machines the group had and Jean reported that the youth group has four.  The Youth group thanked everyone for their donations to Mrs. Young’s class at Ely Elementary that were donated to the APL.

Quilts of Valor:  Kaye Koler announced that February 6, 2016 is National Quilts of Valor Sew Day.  They will be holding an event at Main Street Amherst from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.  Kaye also shared that she will be holding a presentation event on Monday, February 22nd @ 7:00 p.m. where they will be presenting quilts to 3 veterans.  Kaye passed around a sign-up sheet for both the 6th and 22nd, especially for anyone wishing to help setup for the presentation and attend.  The setup for the 22nd was from 5:30p – 7:00p.

Kaye also shared with the group that it was time to renew the guild’s membership to the National QOV Foundation.  She said the group membership was $30 and each member could join for only $5 once the guild joins.  It was noted that to join the foundation separately the membership cost was $20 for an individual; however, if the guild joins for $30, then each individual only pays $5 to join.  After a brief discussion and Q&A on the topic, Kaye Koler made a motion that they spend the money to renew their guild membership for $30 and allow the QOV committee of 4 to join as individual members at $5 each.  This would bring the total cost to $50.  Lori Quinones seconded the motion.  Motion carried.  Kaye closed by noting she should have QOV brochures ready soon.

Home of the Brave: No Report.

Membership:  Karen Neuschaefer reported that if anyone needs a membership packet, to see Karen.

Challenges:  No Report.

Quilt Show 2016:  Julie Bragg reported that they are working to create Save the Date cards so they can be distributed at the upcoming February and March NEORQC events.  They also hoped to have postcards ready by April/May.  Barb King shared with the group that the raffle quilt will be full-sized, and have a fall themed, maple leaf pattern.  Barb indicated that there are squares that range in size from 3″ all the way to 12″ and that there are a total of 48 blocks in the quilt.  She reported that they hope to have kits put together by the February meeting so they can be distributed to anyone wishing to help.  They need the blocks returned by May 1st so they can have the quilt ready to exhibit at the 2016 Lorain County Fair.  Barb said there will be 48 opportunities to participate (smile).

Sunshine Committee:  No Report.

Future Events:  Maryann Grayson was not present, but it was reported that the August 2016 AQS Grand Rapids Michigan bus trip was confirmed and Maryann was taking deposits.  See the AQS trip link on the newsletter for more details.

Show & Tell:  There were 32 items shared tonight that included quilts, pillowcases, microwave bowls, wine bags, cell phone holders, sweaters, napkins and more!  It is quite obvious that WE ROCK!

Announcements:  It was noted that there were several, unclaimed guild t-shirts.  Anyone who did not claim a shirt needs to speak soon or the shirts would be resold.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Yoo.


February Birthdays

Janice Good
Marilyn Novak
Julie Bragg
Sally Gezzer
Kathy Spencer
Karen Neuschaefer
Cheryl Majewski

In case you don’t get the Morning Journal or you aren’t in the Guild FaceBook group, our Quilts of Valor group was in the paper! You can find the article here.

Quilting with Sue: The Grandmother’s Fan Block

Tuesday, February 16th
6:30-8:30 pm • Adults & Teens
North Branch Library, Room LC210

Sue Schillig, North Branch librarian and quilter will demonstrate several options for creating fan blocks.  Supplies will be provided to create your own fan block. This program will require some hand sewing but the actual block can be pieced by machine.

Registration required, please call 440-366-4919 or visit us online @ www.elyrialibrary.org.

Notes from the President

Did he see his shadow or not? Do we get six weeks more of winter or do we look forward to spring? Either way I saw the the shadows of PHDs in the sewing room so I have many weeks of whatever. The weather keeps changing, and new fabrics, new patterns and more shows are coming. I am hoping everyone is getting items ready for the fair and the quilt show. I realize it is only February but look how fast January went by. Hope to see you at the meeting on February 11th.



AQS Grand Rapids Trip Information 
Quilt of Valor Information Sheet


The Red and White quilts are going to be an on-going challenge in 2016, please think about participating in this challenge! Nine beautiful quilts were shown at the December meeting, get yours started now for the next deadline at the July potluck. All quilts shown will be in the special “What’s Red and White and Quilted All Over?” exhibit in our 2016 quilt show.

Youth Corner

Jean Ruth>

Lynette, Kathy and I had eight girls at the gathering in January at the Zion United Methodist Church on St. Rt. 113, a very nice area to work in, had plenty of space and fun. All present received binders and patterns of upcoming projects and a book to keep notes in. The next gathering will be held on Monday, February 15th and the 27th which is a Saturday. Both will start at 10:00 am and the kids were asked to bring a brown bag lunch and something to drink. Dessert will be handled by adults.

Quilts of Valor
Kaye Koler

I’d like to thank Darlene at Mom’s Sewing Basket for donating beautiful batiks and solids to make an entire quilt for Quilts of Valor! We made good use of it right away on the sawtooth star pattern at the National Sew Day! Also, Quilts and Creations donated batting. Thank you both very much for your generous donations!

Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild will present a QUILT OF VALOR to several local veterans in a ceremony thanking them for their service, sacrifice and valor. Quilts of Valor Foundation is a National organization recognizing veterans and service members by presenting them with a quilt made entirely by volunteers.

The Quilts of Valor we make are stitched with love, prayers and healing thoughts to comfort those who have given so much to maintain the many freedoms we enjoy today.

The presentation will take place Monday, February 22, 2016, 7:00 pm. at the Main Street Community Center, 255 Park Ave., Amherst. This event is free and open to the public. (We also plan to have another presentation  in June or July!)

Kaye Koler

Community Service
Teri Whidden

In November – Judy Riggle donated 1 baby quilt. Cheryl Majewski and Bev Tucker donated toiletries.

In January – Judy Riggle donated 3 baby quilts and Kathy Spencer donated 4 baby quilts. Thank you so very much ladies!

Janet Alderman

No report.

Sunshine Committee

No Report

Blog Content Request
Kelly Grace
Looking for things to post on our blog. Is there something you’d like reviewed? Is there something you’d like to review? Please feel free to send me anything you’d like posted on the blog – reviews (books, notions, patterns), tutorials – either ones you’ve written or ones you’ve found online, etc. Remember this is our guild – you can contribute to the blog as well!