Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 16 Issue 11 – August 11, 2016

President: Jean Ruth
Vice President: MaryAnn Grayson
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary: Chris Yoo
Community Service: Teri Whidden
Library: Joanne Palun, Vicky Morris & Janice Good
Hospitality: Karin Knox & Bobbie Bruck
Membership: Marilyn Novak & Karen Neuschaffer
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine Committee: Val Watring
Challenge Committee: Susan Thornton, Helen Smelser, Kelly Grace
Bits & Pieces Editor: Kelly Grace
Articles due by Saturday before meeting, Newsletter sent out Sunday before meeting.

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of month

Time:        7:00 PM
Location:  New Russia Township Lodge,
46300 Butternut Ridge Rd, Oberlin, 44074

Guild email: loraincountypiecemakers@gmail.com

Meeting Minutes
At 6:30 Jean Ruth welcomed the group and after a prayer the group enjoyed a wonderful and bountiful summer picnic spread!

Immediately following, Jean called the meeting to order.  There was one visitor, Kaye’s granddaughter.

Minutes:  Jean asked if there were any changes to the June minutes, and since none were noted, the minutes were approved.

Treasurer Report:  The report was tabled until August.  It was with great sadness that Jean shared that David A. Scholle, Jr., passed away suddenly two days ago.  David is the son of our treasurer, Pam Scholle.  There was a recommendation that the guild make a monetary contribution to the Scholle Memorial College Fund. There was a brief discussion of the guild bylaws and with there being nothing that prevented such a contribution, there was a motion that was seconded and approved.  Therefore it was decided that the guild would donate $100 to the Scholle Memorial College Fund in honor of David A. Scholle, Jr.  There was also the suggestion that they pass around a donation envelope this evening for member contributions.  The suggestion was well received.

Sunshine:  Val Watring reported that they have a blue bag for Pam tonight and it will continue next month.  The color is purple.

Community Service:  Teri Whidden shared a thank you from the Genesis House for the quilts, baby blankets, socks, kleenix, toiletries and much more that were donated. Someone asked how many people are served by the Genesis House and Teri replied that it was reported that 12,332 people were served from the previous fiscal year.

Programs:  MaryAnn Grayson shared that in August they will learn all about photos on fabric from Marie from NEORQC. Marie will bring examples and demonstrate several techniques.  September will be all about applique with demos and a trunk show. November is set aside for the Tuffett class, but it was reiterated that the workshop is not inexpensive—but worth it.  Maryann encouraged members to make suggestions for future workshops.  There was a question about whether or not our guild could get together with the Northcoast guild to share the cost of workshops.  Maryann said it can be done but it will take some coordination and effort.  She would look into it further.

MaryAnn reminded the group about the upcoming August AQS bus trip, noting that as of tonight they still had 7 seats available. The trip leaves Friday 8/12 and returns Saturday 8/13.  The low cost of $165 includes hotel accommodations, bus ride, show, dinner, and breakfast.  MaryAnn assured the group that a good time will be had by all.

Quilt Show:  Julie Bragg and Karen Neuschaefer started collecting the Quilt Entry Registration Forms tonight, noting this is the full-sized form, 8.5 x 11.  Julie reminded everyone that she needs one form for each quilt.  If you are entering 3 quilts, she needs 3 full-sized entry forms.  Julie emphasized that she really needs all the forms returned before September. There were limited blank forms tonight but Julie has asked Kelly Grace to make the form available online at the website/blog. Karen distributed blue raffle tickets for the Quilt Raffle tonight.  The tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00, and it was noted that the winner does not need to be present to win.  Sell, sell, sell.

Julie closed by reminding everyone to please start bringing in items for the three main show projects (1) Guild Country Store (2) Scrap table, and (3) Raffle Baskets.  The items for the Store should be in good condition and perhaps a bunch of handmade items, and the items for the baskets should be new or like new.

Membership:  Marilyn Novak and Karen Neuschaefer reminded everyone that membership runs from September through August so they start collecting dues in July & August.  Everyone must complete a new membership form this year to be submitted along with $25 in dues.

Challenges:  Helen Smelser introduced a new Block Challenge tonight where you get 2 fat eighths from which you are asked to create one 8.5″ block using the provided fabric predominately in the block.  The fat eighths were in two color waves, green or pink.  Helen stated that you can make your block using any method you would like such as applique, paper piecing, embroidery, etc.  However, she did ask everyone to keep in mind that the blocks will be made into a community service quilt for a lucky child. A question was asked if we could add additional fabric.  Helen replied yes, but you must feature the provided fabric as the predominate fabric in the block.  All blocks must be turned in at the October meeting.  See Helen before the end of the meeting for your fabric and instructions!

Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman reported that she mailed 5 quilts today and we were down to 31 soldiers! Janet talked about an emotionally moving phone call she received this week from a father of a service member.  He was overwhelmed that his son was not forgotten. Janet noted that this was the reason we do what we do.  Janet shared that she has received word that since we are not officially “at war” the national Home of the Brave Quilt Project has ended and the Department of Defense will no longer be sending out more names.  However, Janet is determined that we will find our 31!

Quilts of Valor:  The committee wanted to remind everyone of the November QOV fundraiser at the Avon Lake Towne Center. The show will be Saturday, November 5th, the weekend before Veteran’s day.  There are sign-up sheets tonight. We are asking that you sign up to bring a quilt or two, and anyone who would like to demonstrate your process, should feel free to do so at the show.  The Center will be decorated for Veteran’s day!  More information will be shared as we get closer to the date.

Old Business:  None to report.

New Business:  A member raised concerns that the Lions Club in LaGrange was to give out guns at their festival and wanted to ask for volunteers to give out quilts in opposition to the guns.  Another member indicated that the Club was not giving out guns as it was a Gun Raffle to raise money, and it was stressed the gun raffle was very popular in the community.  Nothing further was said on the matter.

Announcements:  It was reported that we had a celebrity in our midst tonight!  Member Charlene Fischer had a quilt in the latest edition of McCall’s Quilting!  Congratulations Char!!  You go girlfriend!

Show & Tell:  There were 10 quilts, 1 table topper, 1 wreath, 2 miniatures, 3 red work projects, 1 vest, 5 wall hangings, 1 jacket, 4 placements, and a finished quilt for the Quilt Show Raffle.  We rock!

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting, which carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Yoo.

Janet Alderman

No Report.

August Birthdays
Mary Lou Brown
Janet Reynolds
Sonya Zimmerman
Barbara Cowger-Vilagi
Teri Wallace
Ruth Slepecky
Linda Janowicz
Valerie Watring
Sally Roth
Teri Whidden
Wilma Hohn

2016 Quilt Show

Quilt Show reminders………

1.  Please bring items for Guild Shop – (Resale)
2.  We need a couple members to help Fran Weber organize the Guild Shop at the Quilt Show.
3.  Scraps for Scrap Box
4. “Final Quilt Registrations” will be handed out at the June meeting and due by the September meeting – August meeting preferred. Form can be found on the blog or at this link.
5. We can start bringing “new”, (un-used) items to Barb Spieker for Chinese Auction Baskets.
6. We’ll have sign-up sheets at our August – September meetings.

There will be a Quilt Board meeting at 6pm before the August Meeting. 

Quilt Show Co-Chairpersons:
Julie Bragg and Karen Neuschaefer

Membership dues are due in August and/or September. Please put your $25 (check or cash) in an envelope with your filled out form. The form can be found here. When you turn in the envelope it will be returned to you at the next meeting with your new membership card. If you have any questions please contact Marilyn Novak or Karen Neuschaefer.

Save the Date  
Quilter’s Garage Sale
Sunday Sept. 18, 2016
Amherst Eagles 1161 Milan Ave., Amherst, OH
Free Admission & Parking
One stop bargain hunting for Quilters!
Time to clean out your sewing room, rent a table for $15.00 or 2 for $25.00Table rental call Tammy Pope


August: All about photos on fabric!
September: All about applique

Sue Schillig

It is sad to think how much time I’ve complained this summer about the lack of rain. Incredibly, we still have an abundance this summer and a large variety of fruits and vegetables to enjoy.  No doubt partly due to the enormous amount of watering, but even that gives time for reflection.  Many years ago a friend and I spent a great deal of time quilting at each other’s quilt frames.  We’d each put in a quilt, and merge our combined 6 children at one house or another and spend the day quilting together.  This lasted many years, until she moved and family situations changed.  This week I went to visit her in her home in Hudson, only about an hour away.  Together we managed to put together a new quilt frame for her, one that would work in her condo.  She has a quilt in the frame, and is ready to start again working on her projects.  In two weeks she is coming here, and expects to work on the quilt  I’ll put in the frame.  No children running around, but I think we will still have a nice visit around the frame.  Machine quilting has enabled many more quilts to find their way into people’s homes and hearts, but I’m still happy to put the occasional quilt in the frame to hand quilt.  And let the visiting commence…

Piecefully,  Sue Schillig

Quilts of Valor
Kaye Koler

No Report.

Youth Corner
Jean Ruth
No Report.

Community Service

Teri Whidden

Judy Riggle brought 3 quilts and Barb King gave me a big bag of toiletries.

Thank you very much ladies!

Sunshine Committee
Val Watring

Our blue bag will again be available at the August meeting. Please consider bringing purple fabrics for Pam Scholle, our treasurer.  Pam’s son passed away in July.

Thanks SEW much!

Blog Content Request
Kelly Grace

Looking for things to post on our blog. Is there something you’d like reviewed? Is there something you’d like to review? Please feel free to send me anything you’d like posted on the blog – reviews (books, notions, patterns), tutorials – either ones you’ve written or ones you’ve found online, etc. Remember this is our guild – you can contribute to the blog as well!