Ok, it’s that time of year to think about all those unfinished quilt projects you have stashed away. I’m talking about UFO’s (Unfinished Objects), PIGS (projects in grocery sacks), WIPS (works in progress), PhD’s (Projects Half Done), whatever you want to call them!

Here are our rules for the challenge:

  • List is due by the January meeting, or it needs to be emailed to Kelly (caelijean@gmail.com) by January 31st.
  • Entry fee is 2 fat quarters
  • When your UFO is completed bring it in for Show and Tell – make sure we know it is one of the quilts on your list so it can be marked as completed!
  • For each completed UFO you will receive an entry into the prize drawing
  • Each participant will also have an entry into the prize drawing
  • Prize drawing will be held at the December Potluck/guild meeting

If there are any questions, please contact Kelly.