Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 17 Issue 9 – May 11, 2017

President: Jean Ruth
Vice President: MaryAnn Grayson
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary: Chris Yoo
Comfort Quilts: Judy Riggle, Linda Janowicz, Sharon Lutz
Library: Vicky Morris & Janice Good
Hospitality: Karin Knox & Bobbie Bruck
Membership: Marilyn Novak & Karen Neuschaffer
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine Committee: Val Watring
Challenge Committee: Susan Thornton, Helen Smelser, Kelly Grace
Bits & Pieces Editor: Kelly Grace
Articles due by Saturday before meeting, Newsletter sent out Sunday before meeting.

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of month
Time:        7:00 PM
Location:  New Russia Township Lodge,
46300 Butternut Ridge Rd, Oberlin, 44074
Additional Info: Please remember that there is always a sew day the day of our meeting – starting around 9!

Website: https://loraincountypiecemakers.com
Guild email: loraincountypiecemakers@gmail.com

Meeting Minutes

At 7:00 p.m. Guild President Jean Ruth welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order.  There were 3 visitors tonight.

Program:  The guild vice president, MaryAnn Grayson, introduced Dennis Moffit from Somewhere Sewing, located in Millersburg.  MaryAnn explained how Dennis was multi-tasking today because in addition to cleaning and checking our sewing machines and sergers all day, he was also here tonight to give the presentation as Debi was unable to attend. Dennis began by talking a little about the shop, and he shared that he has certifications from Janome, Brother and Baby Lock sewing machine training technician courses, and he offers classes on machine maintenance to guilds and retreats in our area.

Dennis also shared some of the new products at the store that included wonderful cutting mats, rulers, rotary cutters, and new packaged thread. Dennis also took this opportunity to share valuable tips of the trade on how best to maintain our machines.  Dennis began by suggesting that we always plug our sewing machine into a surge protector and recommended that we change surge protectors every 18 months.  Throughout his presentation, Dennis highlighted the importance of cleaning our machines, and he gave us some useful tips that we can do at home.  Dennis also noted that if we are going to use oil, make sure it is clear machine oil and use it very sparingly.

Dennis made the presentation very interesting by bringing in props to share with us that helped to highlight the importance of keeping a clean sewing machine.  Finally, Dennis was kind enough to bring gift bags for everyone that contained a spool of Aurifil thread and new chrome needles!  The shop website is somewheresewing.com.  Dennis welcomed everyone to reach out to him if we have any questions. Thanks Dennis!!

Minutes:  There were no changes to the minutes from the March 2017 meeting.  There was a motion to accept the minutes, which carried.

Treasurer Report:  Treasurer, Pam Scholle, was not present tonight; however, Maryann presented the budget.  It was reported that the balance in the checking account was $15,289.89, and of that the balance for Home of the Brave is $673.86 and for Quilts of Valor, $1,635.83.  The total balance available for guild use is currently $12,980.20.  There was a motion to accept the budget, which carried.

Community Service:  Judy Riggle announced that Community Service has several quilts that need quilted and bound, so she took this opportunity to ask for volunteers.  They also have 28 quilts for Genesis House, plus the 4 challenge quilts, plus some cosmetic donations.  They will also be making a donation to Project Linus in memory of past guild member Patricia (Pat) Mahoney who passed away at the end of November.

Programs:  MaryAnn reminded everyone of the May retreat at Zinc’s in Berlin.  It was also noted that in the absence of the treasurer, if anyone had any money to turn in they should seek out Lynette Thomson.  MaryAnn also discussed the tuffett project that will be available during the retreat.  MaryAnn indicated that in June we will have Embroidery Day starting at 11:00 a.m. the day of the June meeting.  In July we are scheduled to have the Christmas in July event during the day and the summer picnic in the evening.  Sharon Lutz noted that she will share more information about the Christmas in July event over the next couple of months.

Membership:  See Marilyn Novak to pick up your membership card, as she still has many to distribute.

Challenges: Kelly Grace distributed the fat quarter exchange packets this evening and reminded everyone that the UFO challenge was on-going, noting that we should see several this evening.

Home of the Brave:  Janet Alderman reported that during today’s sit-n-sew, they were able to bind 3 quilts!  She also announced that Sherrod Brown’s office has helped her locate some addresses and they now only have 13 names left on the list.  However, they need 25 quilts, and currently she only has 5 quilts total.  Janet shared that she is looking at getting the American Legion in Elyria for a future date in May so they can have an all day workshop to get more quilts made.  Janet also announced that she was moving to Columbus but she really wants to get this project finished before she moves.  Janet stressed that she knows it is possible because they are heading down the homestretch!  Janet will get details about the May HOB workshop in the next newsletter.

Quilts of Valor:  Kaye Koler thanked everyone who helped out at the QOV booth at the IX Quilt Show.  She indicated that they also need some work done so she will coordinate with Janet Alderman so they don’t pick the same day in May for their QOV workshop.  It was suggested by a member that they have a combined workshop, but it was noted that some people want to help out both committees, and they would not be able to do that if there was only one workshop.  It was suggested that both committees would be more productive with two separate workshops.  A member questioned how quilts were presented by both HOB and QOV. Janet noted that HOB quilts are usually mailed and Kaye noted that she tries to give the quilts out during presentations, but she has had to mail some quilts.

Old Business:  MaryAnn shared her concerns about not having any Youth Programs organized to date.  It was suggested that they try to organize some youth sews during the summer.

New Business:  It was reported that July 3, 2017 is the annual Blossom Music Center Tribute to America Concert and it was highly recommended.

Announcements:  MaryAnn wanted to make sure to thank Bobbie Bruck who provided lunch for all the sewers at today’s sit-n-sew.  Thanks Bobbie!!

Show and Tell:  There were over 45 projects that included quilts, bags, table runners, pillow cases, and wall art! Many of these items were from member UFO lists!  Way to Go!!!

Next meeting:  Thursday, May 11th @ 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Yoo.

Sunshine Committee
Val Watring

c/o Kaye Koler:  Helen Smelser is having surgery on Wednesday, May 3. Val sent her a get well card from the guild.

Joanne Palun was a big part of our library committee.  She passed away May 1st.We will have a sympathy card for the guild members to sign for Joanne Palun’s family at the May meeting.  c/o Keri Joanne’s visitation will be Thursday, May 11th at Dovin Reber Jones from 3-8 PM.  The funeral is Friday, May 12th at 10:30 AM (I forgot to get the name of the church, but I’m guessing St. Joes in Amherst). Her daughter is Laurie Broze, 1577 Adlington Dr., Galena, OH  43021 for anyone wishing to send a card. Thank you, Keri, for sharing!

c/o Susan Thorton:  I was afraid we’d be getting this news, that that beautiful lady is gone way too soon during this gorgeous green spring. I thought I’d make a green quilt in memory of Joanne because green was her favorite color and I think it might please her to think of her friends making green quilts inspired by her. I just wanted to pass on this suggestion to anyone else who might like to do this to honor our lost friend Joanne. Susan

Please plan to bring a BLUE fat quarter to the May meeting for our “blue bag” and look on the sign in ~  attendance ~ table for a card to sign for our member, Janet Reynolds.  She lost both her mother AND husband (March 13) within 10 days of one another.     http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/carnie-reynolds-obituary?pid=1000000184502069&view=guestbook
I sent a sympathy card to Janet in April.


July 13th 10 AM – 3:00 PM

It’s not to early to begin planning your table top quilt challenge.  Your table topper must be Christmas themed to be entered for a prize. You can begin sewing anytime after 10 AM.  At 3:00 PM the challenge will end and the tops collected and brought back for our Annual July Picnic.  At which time Guild Members will have the chance to vote on their favorite top.

Now would be a good time to plan your table topper, choose your pattern and fabric. Your project can be pre-cut, just not sewn.  Make it as simple or as difficult as you want … have fun.  Remember there are prizes involved.

A welcome snack will be provided to start your sewing fun.  Also, a light lunch will be served …

At May’s meeting a sign up sheet will be passed out to get an idea of those who may want to join in the festivities.   Christmas Holidays will be here before we know it, seems to come earlier every year.  But this year, you could have that one project finished … or maybe even make it a present for someone special.

Thank You,
Sharon Lutz

Janet Alderman

No Report

May Birthdays

Rachael Dykes
Iris Tewksbury
Joyce Zickefoose

UFO Challenge

Keep working on your UFO’s! Anyone that has not yet turned in your fat quarters for entry into the challenge, please bring them to the meeting Thursday (hint hint: Linda Janowicz and Sharon Zacharias). 9 UFO’s were shown at last months meeting, keep it up ladies!!!

Fat Quarter Exchange

Anyone that has signed up for the Fat Quarter Exchange received their bags and list at the April meeting, I have 3 left for members that were not at the April meeting. You can turn in your fat quarters during the May or June meetings. Everything will be sorted during the June meeting and returned before you leave the meeting.

Notes from the Vice President

Well, thirty seven people will spend the next three days sewing, shopping and exploring Berlin in Holmes County.  Lots of UFOs will be finished!  We will be able to shop in case we need more fabric, etc.!  Thanks to all who are participating. Embroidery Day is this Thursday, May 11th!  Please bring your Embroidery Machine, hoops, thread, your manual and enthusiasm!  We will have gals there to help and to guide you through a project.  You can also bring that Embroidered UFO!   We will start at 10 am.  No machine yet, come and look around!  You may want one sooner than you think!

The Guild has a number of new or returning quilters.  We have a wonderful project coming for the Fall.  The quilt project will be coordinated by Ruth Groot!  She will show the project at the May meeting.  We will learn about the project supply list, fabric requirements, cutting instructions and sewing.  This is something we can do on our Workday.  Please let Ruth or MaryAnn know if you want to participate. Quilt can be found at:  http://quiltfrog.com/fourhour.html

Sign up for the annual overnight trip to the American Quilting Society in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The dates are Friday, August 18 to Saturday, August 19th.  The cost is $165.00 per person for double occupancy room, admission to the Quilt Show, deluxe bus transportation and breakfast.  A single is $215.00.  We will visit several shops on the way home.  Deposit of $25.00 due by June 15th.  Balance Is due by August 1st.  Call MaryAnn if you have questions.

I am excited about our Christmas in July,  details soon!

Youth members, young people who are related to our members are invited to start sewing again in June.  Please contact Lynette Thomson to sign up.  Adult volunteers are also welcome to sign up to help our young people.

We will talk about the Lorain County Fair during our June meeting.  Will you submit a project this year?

Notes from the President

No Report


A tentative preview of Piecemakers’ activities:

  • May
    • Embroidery Machine Workday
    • Meeting topic to be announced. Guild Retreat at Zinc’s in Berlin, OH May

    Sue Schillig

    What can you consider your quilting triumphs this month?  I found it surprising to consider my own.  The first, a star dahlia quilt which has languished on the UFO list for probably about 20 years is now in the frame AND I have turned it twice!  That might not seem like much to most of you but huge for me. Why did it take so long? Probably the number one reason was I don’t really need it for anything.  Then I really wasn’t sure how I was wanting to quilt it.  Plus, a friend of mine who also made one (we pieced them at the same time) still hadn’t quilted hers.  But, she wanted hers in the frame and I realized it was time for me to get it finished.  Not that I’m at all competitive you understand.

    Another triumph was finding one of the UFO’s that I put on the list but had not seen in a decade or more.  I took that embroidery flower wallhanging project with me when I went to stay with the grandkids and Maddie (7) wanted to learn how to embroider.  My heart be still!

    Finally, I   started (by cutting the papers out) the Fire Island Hosta that I thought so beautiful.  I’m likely to need help on this one, as it really goes beyond my comfort zone.  But for me the journey is the best part of the quilting experience, so journey on!  Hope you have many quilting triumphs this month.

    Sue Schillig

    Youth Corner

    We will be doing youth sewing June 8, July 13 and August 10 from 10am to 2pm.  All youth 8 years and older are welcome.  Any questions please call me. We will be working on community service projects.

    Lynette Thomson

    Quilts of Valor
    Kaye Koler

    Thank you to everyone who has participated in some way to help us create, sew, quilt, label  and bind quilts for Quilts of Valor!

    We had nine attend our sew day Saturday. My granddaughter Brynn was so excited to come and help us! She helped me measure and write down the measurements so I wouldn’t  forget …..

    Thank you one and all for your help. It was a perfect day to sew, given the weather, and we enjoyed some valuable time visiting with friends….. and accomplished so much!

    On behalf of the entire committee, we thank you!

    Comfort Quilts

    Judy Riggle

    Piecemakers who have contributed are:

    Julie Bragg (12 pillow cases, 5 baby blankets)
    Barb King (4 pillow cases, 50-6” cats to applique)
    Maria Lucki (7 quilt tops, 9 flannel baby blankets, 8 pillow cases)
    Bobbie Bruck (4 pillow cases)
    Cheryl Majuski (4 pillow cases)
    Mary Lou Brown (26 pjs, 2 quilts)
    Linda Janowicz (6 kits, 6 pillow cases, 5 pjs
    Sharon Lutz (pillow cases PLUS pillowcase DEMO)
    Kathy Spencer and Valerie Watring gave toiletries.
    Marlene Calabreese donated totes of fabrics
    In honor of Patricia Maloney (4 baby quilts for LINUS Project)

    Every month members bring bags of juvenile fabrics to be used for chidren’s quilts.  [I’m sewing as fast as I can!]

    March:  Attended a baby shower fund-raiser for Family Promise and donated 2 quilts pieced by Oberlin High School students and finished by Judy Riggle.

    April:  We donated 16 lap quilts, 6 pillowcases, 9 baby blankets and some toiletries to Genesis House.

    The organizations which will receive most of our lap quilt (and other) donations are Genesis House, Blessing House, and Family Promise.

    LORAIN COUNTY SAFE HARBOR/GENESIS HOUSEProvides temporary safe shelter, food, and support services to victims of domestic violence and their children.  Serves roughly 25,000 annually.

    BLESSING HOUSE:  Founded in 2005 to house children, birth to age 12, when their parents are addressing their own crises.

    FAMILY PROMISENewly located next to Sacred Heart Church in Oberlin, Family Promise oversees housing in various churches for a week at a time, and provides counseling and transportation services.