Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 17 Issue 10 – June 8, 2017

President: Jean Ruth
Vice President: MaryAnn Grayson
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary: Chris Yoo
Comfort Quilts: Judy Riggle, Linda Janowicz, Sharon Lutz
Library: Vicky Morris & Janice Good
Hospitality: Karin Knox & Bobbie Bruck
Membership: Marilyn Novak & Karen Neuschaffer
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine Committee: Val Watring
Challenge Committee: Susan Thornton, Helen Smelser, Kelly Grace
Bits & Pieces Editor: Kelly Grace
Articles due by Saturday before meeting, Newsletter sent out Sunday before meeting.

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of month
Time:        7:00 PM
Location:  New Russia Township Lodge,
46300 Butternut Ridge Rd, Oberlin, 44074
Additional Info: Please remember that there is always a sew day the day of our meeting – starting around 9!

Website: https://loraincountypiecemakers.com
Guild email: loraincountypiecemakers@gmail.com

Meeting Minutes

At 7:00 p.m. Guild President Jean Ruth welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order. There were 2 visitors tonight plus a couple of returning winter Texans.

Minutes: There were no changes to the minutes from the April 2017 meeting. There was a motion to accept the minutes, which carried.

Treasurer Report: Treasurer, Pam Scholle, presented the budget, noting that the balance in checking was $13,428.70, with Home of the Brave at $522.01 and Quilts of Valor at $1,635.83. There was a motion to accept the budget, which carried.

Community Service: Judy Riggle reported that they have accepted 24 quilts for Genesis House, plus toiletries that were donated previously and even more accepted tonight. Judy also shared that the 24 quilts displayed here tonight were donated and made by the Grafton inmates, and those quilts will be presented to Blessing House. Judy announced that the Correctional Institute in Grafton will be holding a Quilt Show on May 23rd from 11am – 1pm, however anyone interested in attending must RSVP to Judy so she can add your name to the visitor list. You will be asked for a photo ID when you arrive. Also, guests to the show are encouraged to bring a quilt to share with the inmates who rarely get a chance to see other quilts. Someone asked if they could donate quilt books to the inmates. Judy replied that she thought it was permissible because we have donated thread before, but she was not 100% sure.

Finally Judy shared that a friend of hers is selling some vintage quilts so if you are interested talk with Judy.

Future Projects: Vice President MaryAnn Grayson indicated that several members tonight had upcoming projects lined up so make sure you take note. Those projects include:

On June 8th at 11:00 a.m. Member Fran Weber will host a workshop during the day here at the Lodge. We will be making the Sister’s Common Thread Caddy Pad which is a clever iron tote and ironing pad all in one. Fran distributed a sign-up sheet at the meeting so she could get the kits together for next month. Fran will contact those who sign up with more details. However, if you signed up and missed that message, you should plan on bringing the following: sewing machine and all the basic sewing supplies including thread, cutting board, rotary cutter; your main outer fabric for the pad which should measure at least 28″ x 21″ fabric for your binding and handles (1/4 yard of WOF or a fat quarter); two 1″ or larger buttons (shank type is best but flat one will work); and $10 for the required kit. Optional accessories to bring include walking foot and iron. Fran will bring the kits with other materials. Fran estimates the project will take approximately 2 hours. Remember June 8th at 11:00 a.m.

On July 13th at 10:00, Member Sharon Lutz will host a Christmas in July event. Part of the event will be a table topper quilt challenge.  Sharon noted that our table topper must be Christmas themed to be entered for a prize, and we can begin sewing any time after 10 a.m., then at 3 p.m. the challenge will end and the tops collected and brought back for our Annual July Picnic which is the same evening.   Guild Members will then have the chance to vote on their favorite table topper. Sharon noted that your table topper can be pre-cut, but it cannot be sewn. A welcome snack will be provided to start your sewing fun and a light lunch will be served so please make sure to RSVP to Sharon. She has a sign-up sheet going around tonight. Sharon noted that even if you don’t want to participate in the table topper challenge, you can come join the fun and work on one of those Christmas project or gifts ahead of time this year!  Remember July 13th from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Member Ruth Groot also shared a quick and easy quilt pattern called Carpenter Star, which is also referred to as the 4-Hour Quilt Top. Ruth noted that this was a nice pattern to work on during the fall, perhaps in September. She indicated that for the quilt all we need is 1 yard of a dark fabric, 1 yard of a medium fabric, 1 yard of border fabric, and 2 1/2 yards of background fabric. She highlighted the fact that you need to have a good contrast between the background fabric, the medium fabric and the dark fabric, to ensure the design of the pattern will stand out.  The pattern can be found at the following link: http://quiltfrog.com/fourhour.html

Maryann reported that the Berlin retreat was a lot of fun and everyone had a wonderful time. MaryAnn went on to say that the event was SO popular she is planning another retreat in the fall, perhaps October 29 – November 1st. More details to come. MaryAnn also reminded everyone of the upcoming August Bus trip to AQS.

Membership: See Marilyn Novak to pick up your membership card, as she still has many to distribute. There was also a reminder that they dues will be collected in August/September for the new membership year.

Jean Ruth also took this opportunity to request at least 3 people volunteer to head up the Nominating Committee for officers because they will be voting for at least a new President in September because she, reluctantly, needs to step down as the guild president due to competing priorities right now. Jean assured the group that she will be staying on as a member, but she cannot serve as an officer at this time.

Challenges: Kelly Grace shared that the fat quarter exchange packets are due back either tonight or in June so she can sort them and return to everyone at the June meeting. She also reminded everyone to keep working on their UFOs.

Susan Thornton shared that she is challenging herself to make a green quilt in memory of Joanne Palun because green was Joanne’s favorite color. Sue thought it might please Joanne to know that her friends are making green quilts inspired by her memory. Susan wanted to pass on this suggestion to anyone else who might like to do this to honor our lost friend Joanne.

Vickie Morris took this opportunity to remind everyone that Joanne Palun was a big part of our guild’s library committee. Vickie also commented on how moving it was to see that Joanne’s family had displayed her beautiful quilts during the funeral calling hours. There was a motion to take up a collection to make a donation in Joanne’s name for cancer research. Although well received, many people were unprepared to make cash donations tonight and asked if this could happen in June. Therefore, anyone who wishes to make a donation in Joanne’s honor may contribute in June.

Home of the Brave: No Report.

Quilts of Valor: The committee thanked everyone who helped with the QOV event last Saturday as they had a good group. They accomplished so much, including binding, labels, finished several projects and many are ready to be quilted. The committee put out a call for volunteer long-arm quilters. They hope to make another presentation soon.

Tonight’s Program: MaryAnn reported that approximately 15 people came to today’s Embroidery Sew Day. A big thank you is going out to Karen Neuschaefer for all her help. MaryAnn noted that some participants used their embroidery machines for the very first time today! MaryAnn also shared an important warning, Dot Glover’s embroidery machine bites!! Stay clear.

MaryAnn took this opportunity to present Karen Neuschaefer’s Embroidery Trunk show that included quilts, pillows, jackets, placements table runners, wall hangings and so much more! Sue Shillig also shared some examples of old fashion hand embroidery that were absolutely stunning! A big thank you to both Sue and Karen for sharing their talent and inspiration!! It was quite a sight to behold ladies!!

Youth Sewing: Lynette Thomson shared that they will host a Youth Sewing group on June 8th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. here at the Lodge for anyone who wishes to bring a kid or two and help out. We need you to also bring your sewing machine and basic supplies and the Youth Group is asking for donations for community service quilts as they need kits for the kids to new. Boys and Girls are welcome. Please consider joining the group.

Announcements: Iris Tewksbury reported that she is looking for a pattern that she saw in the Quilters Newsletter in either 2008, 2009, or 2010 so if you have a stack of this publication, maybe you can help her? Please contact Iris at irisquilt@yahoo.com. We will try to get a photo of the pattern in the newsletter.

Show and Tell: There were so many wonderful quilts, including several UFOs that this quilter lost count. Thank you for sharing ladies!! We are so creative!

Next meeting: Thursday, June 8, 2017 @ 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Chris Yoo.

Sunshine Committee
Val Watring

As of today, June 1st:  no illnesses or bereavements to report.


Let’s focus on having a sunny disposition.  Quilting sure helps!


July 13th .. 10AM – 3PM

Just a reminder that we will be having a table topper contest on our regular meeting day at the lodge.  Christmas themed, hence; Christmas in July.

To participate you will need to make either a table topper/table runner or at least 2 placemats.

Rules are simple .. Christmas themed: you can have your project pre-cut, but not pre-sewn. Projects will be collected at 3PM, finished or not; and they will be returned in the evening at our picnic for the Guild members to vote on them.  Yes, prizes to the top 3…..

A welcome snack, coffee and juice will begin the festivities.  A light lunch will be provided.  You will need to bring your own beverage for lunch.

Sign up sheet will be at the June meeting.

Thank you … hope you join in the

Sharon Lutz

June Birthdays

Dolores Bean
Deb Beard
Barbara Stiner
Kathy Kayden
Keri Celik
MaryAnn Grayson
Janet Shairba
Carol Stomieroski

UFO Challenge

Keep working on your UFO’s! Anyone that has not yet turned in your fat quarters for entry into the challenge, please bring them to the meeting Thursday (hint hint: Sharon Zacharias). 8 UFO’s were shown at last months meeting, keep it up ladies!!!

Fat Quarter Exchange

Anyone that has signed up for the Fat Quarter Exchange received their bags and list at the April meeting. Please remember to bring your fat quarters in the bags to the June meeting. Everything will be sorted during the June meeting and returned before you leave the meeting. Can’t wait to see what everyone has picked out!!!

Notes from the Vice President

2017 AQS Quilt Show


There are still spaces for the trip to The AQS Quilt Show in Grand Rapids, MI from Friday, August 18th to Saturday, August 19th.

The cost is $165.00 includes deluxe coach transportation, admission to the Quilt Show and double occupancy hotel room and breakfast.

We will attend the Quilt Show on Friday afternoon, go to dinner, check in hotel. Saturday’s schedule starts with breakfast, check out, stops at two quilt shops and return home.

Please call MaryAnn to sign up or for more information.

Notes from the President

No Report


No Report

Sue Schillig

This month’s threads are more random than most, due in part to so many interesting thoughts I’ve had about quilting this month and  upcoming quilt activities.  First, let me just say that the time before the guild meeting may be as much fun as the meeting itself–no offense to our wonderful speakers and president.  I hadn’t “gone early” to sew for quite some time so was surprised that some had hauled in food for lunch.  Many were doing as much visiting as they were sewing.  I had come with the intent to do some serious sewing and could not help but get pulled into all the fun.

Then while teaching my granddaughter to embroider, she made the most interesting comment to me while attempting to stall on the getting ready for bed routine. Her quote, which went straight to my heart, was, “Doesn’t Mom know that sewing is my LIFE?” Words from a 7 year old, so probably not to be taken too seriously, but still…

Finally, my friend and I so enjoyed last year’s row by row experience that we are eager to start a new one this year. Free patterns are available at participating quilt shops all over the United States and some countries.  The link is  http://www.rowbyrowexperience.com/  and it starts June 21st. This year’s theme is “on the go”.  Hope you are all getting a little sewing done in between your summer fun.

Sue Schillig

Youth Corner

LCP Youth Quilting will be meeting this Thursday from 10am till 2pm.  We will be making community service quilts.  The youth are to bring their own sewing machines if they have access to one and thread (neutral colors).

They will need to bring a brown bag lunch.  Dessert will be furnished.  Any questions please contact me at (440)365-6954. I will be bringing some extra machines for the youths that do not have a machine.

Lynette Thomson

Quilts of Valor
Kaye Koler

It was asked at the last meeting how many quilts we, as a guild, have furnished for Quilts of Valor. I began volunteering for Quilts of Valor back in 2009. Since then there has been 97 quilts either mailed or presented to our veterans and tops waiting to be quilted. Below is a breakdown, as best as I can determine. There are several variables such as outside donation of quilts from non guild members, quilt tops made by members on their own, and tops that have been quilted and returned directly to QoVF,  JoAnn Hubbard workshops and our own QoV sew days. And outside groups from local churches.

Also included are the 16 tops I have on my shelf that need to be quilted. I am immensely proud of our guilds hard work and amazed to say that I have personally quilted eighty three of those quilts! Thank you Judy for asking that burning question ! ! My paper work is now organized and accounted for. Having a committee has helped me far exceed any expectations I may have had…….The numbers speak for themselves……Thank you Helen Smelzer, Teri Walter and Sandy Lambert!

2009   12 quilts
2010   11
2011     2
2012     4
2013     5
2014   21
2015   16
2016   18

2017   so far this year 8.

It is with a full heart that I say thank you to each and every one of you that have helped in any way, large or small make this happen!


Welcome to Spring everyone!

We presented a quilt to Jeff Newcomb on May 17th. It was truly our pleasure to meet him and get acquainted. He is a remarkable man who has served his country for many years and is now retired. Thank you Jeff, we salute you! And thank you to his friend Lori C. for nominating him and also for her
Donation to QoV.

I will have some quilts that need binding done and some that need to be quilted. If you like to help, please see me at the meeting …… thanks goes out to all those who continually give of their time and talent  for our Quilts of Valor committee. We very much appreciate it!

Kaye Koler

Comfort Quilts

Judy Riggle

No Report.

2 of the many quilts recently made by the inmates at Grafton Correctional for Blessing House are shown below.

LORAIN COUNTY SAFE HARBOR/GENESIS HOUSEProvides temporary safe shelter, food, and support services to victims of domestic violence and their children.  Serves roughly 25,000 annually.

BLESSING HOUSE:  Founded in 2005 to house children, birth to age 12, when their parents are addressing their own crises.

FAMILY PROMISENewly located next to Sacred Heart Church in Oberlin, Family Promise oversees housing in various churches for a week at a time, and provides counseling and transportation services.

Janet Alderman

No Report