Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 18 Issue 1 – September 14, 2017

President: Chris Yoo
Vice President: Donna Garrett
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary: Barbara Leoni
Comfort Quilts: Judy Riggle, Linda Janowicz, Sharon Lutz
Hospitality: ?
Membership: Marilyn Novak & Karen Neuschaffer
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine Committee: Val Watring
Challenge Committee: Susan Thornton, Helen Smelser, Kelly Grace
Bits & Pieces Editor: Kelly Grace
Articles due by Saturday before meeting, Newsletter sent out Sunday before meeting.

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of month
Time:        7:00 PM
Location:  New Russia Township Lodge,
46300 Butternut Ridge Rd, Oberlin, 44074
Additional Info: Please remember that there is always a sew day the day of our meeting – starting around 9!

Website: https://loraincountypiecemakers.com
Guild email: loraincountypiecemakers@gmail.com

Meeting Minutes

At 7:00 MaryAnn Grayson welcomed the group and asked everyone to make their way to the Library Book sale that was currently taking place.  All books were $2 each and the metal cabinet was also for sale.

MaryAnn thanked Fran Webber for hosting another wonderful Iron Caddy workshop today.  Fran indicated that they had a wonderful turnout and everything went very well.  Fran thanked everyone who participated.

Treasurer Report:  Treasurer Pam Scholle was not present; however, the Secretary Chris Yoo reported that the total balance in checking for club use was $12,561.97, which included $522.01 for Home of the Brave, and $1,378.69 for Quilts of Valor.  It was also noted, however, that the balance did not take into account several pending expenses, such as rent and insurance.

MaryAnn Grayson reminded the group that at the last guild meeting, we had the unhappy task of reporting that the New Russia Township Trustees had decided to raise the rent on the hall from $100 to $150 a month.  However, since that time, Pam Scholle, with the assistance of Karen Neuschaefer went to the last meeting of the trustees and made a presentation that detailed all the contributions made by our guild, which included all the community service projects, HOB, QOV, Youth Group, our collaborative relationship with the Grafton Prison, and so much more.  The trustees were so impressed that they unanimously voted on the spot to reduce the rent back down to the original $100 a month.  Wonderful!!  Thank you Pamela and Karen!!

Fair Committee:  Ruth Groot with the assistance of Judy Pickworth from the Fair discussed all the important details about the upcoming Fair.  Ruth discussed all the areas where volunteers were needed and presented sign-up sheets.  Ruth stressed that on Monday when assisting judges, we cannot help them in any way, and we could not answer any questions about the items being judged.  All questions should be directed to Ruth or Judy.  Judy reported on the judges, noting that they try to switch up the judges from year to year so we get a fresh viewpoint.

It was shared that as long as someone from the guild was present in the Needlework Barn, the guild could distribute flyers promoting our guild, which could include a membership form.  Please consider helping Ruth and Judy this year!  Any questions, contact Ruth.

Quilts of Valor: Kaye Kohler announced that they received 4 or 5 quilts back tonight so she wanted to thank everyone who has helped.  Vickie Morris took this opportunity to share that she had the pleasure of presenting a QOV to a 101 year old WWII Army Nurse.  It was a very moving experience.  Teri Walter reported that the Purple Heart recipient that she discussed last month mailed her a book of his poems.  His name is John Musgrave and his story will be part of the Vietnam War Special that will air on PBS in September.

Sunshine Committee:  MaryAnn Grayson asked Val Watring to stand and be recognized for all that she does as the sole member of the Sunshine committee.   MaryAnn reminded everyone to make sure Val is aware if there is a member suffering from an illness or if a member loses a spouse or child so that we can support them with a blue basket.  Thank you Val!!

Home of the Brave:  No report as Janet Alderman was not present.  However, MaryAnn also wanted to thank Janet for all that she has done in locating the families of lost soldiers.  The program has almost reached its conclusion, and Janet should be proud of all her hard work.  Thank you Janet!

Community Service:  No Report as Judy Riggle was not present.  However, MaryAnn reminded everyone of the Christmas fabric raffle basket and asked members to remember to purchase tickets next month.  100% of the proceeds go to Community Service.

Hospitality Committee:  It was reported again that both Karin Knox and Bobbie Brooks have stepped down after years of dedication to the committee, so we really need a couple of members to step up to fulfill this role.  According to the bylaws, the responsibility of the hospitality committee includes setting up the room before meetings, greeting visitors, maintaining sign in sheets and name tags, and making sure the room is in order following the meeting.  Please consider helping out!

Programs, Events, and Retreats…Oh My
August 2017:  The AQS bus trip is next week and it will probably be the last time we do the trip.
September 2017: Day Workshop:  Ruth Groot will be leading the Carpenter Star workshop and in the evening Monique Noonan from Quilts and Sew Forth will vend and present a trunk show!
October 2017: The Berlin Retreat will be in late October, early November (10/29 – 11/1).  See MaryAnn to sign up.
November 2017:  MaryAnn reported that she has Joanne Hubbard lined up for an Umbrella workshop during the day in November.
February 2018:  NEOROQ has posted their February 2018 Getaway called “Quilting Binds Us Together” and it will be held February 16 – 18, 2018 at the Holiday Inn in Boardman, Ohio.  More information on their new website, which is https://www.neorqconline.org.   Sign up begins 9/1/17.
December 2018: MaryAnn reported that she is planning a quilt cruise for December 2018. She will have more information in the next newsletter but it is a cruise to the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao). The cost is $1100 for a 9-day cruise and all the rooms have a balcony!

Announcements:  Val Watring reported that they discovered that this facility has a very large First Aid Kit.  She shared that one of the children who were here sewing today learned a valuable lesson about HOT irons.  The very well stocked First Aid Kit is in on the right side of the large kitchen located back by the restrooms.  The kit contains Burn Spray.  It was also pointed out there is an AED by the front door. Val happily reported that the child was okay.  It was duly noted that this was all excellent information to share.

MaryAnn reminded the group that our 2018 quilt show will be in November since we lost the October dates due to a mix up.  However, she reminded everyone that we have secured the second weekend in November (11/9/18 – 11/12/18) for show.  There was brief discussion about how the preparation for the November 2018 quilt show should begin sooner rather than later.

Bobbie Brooks reported she knows of two featherweights for sale, so if anyone is interested, they should contact her.

Free Table Reminder:  If you bring items for the FREE table and something is left by the end of the evening, please take it home with you and/or toss in the trash on the way out.  Thank you.

By the end of the night Vickie Morris was able to report that they made $154 on the sale of the library books and shelving unit.  A big thank you to Vickie Morris, Janice Good, and the late Joanne Palun for their hard work and dedication over the years as they maintained our library.  It was noted that the remaining books would be donated to the Friends of the Oberlin Library and to the Grafton Prison.

Janice Good shared that her daughter-in-law’s mother, Barbara Raymond, wrote a book called the Baby Thief which is now being made into a movie.  It was suggested that Janice share more information on the blog.

Show and Tell:  There were 2 pillows, and 16 quilts, which included several baby quilts, a cowboy quilt, a great grandmother quilt, a CLE Monsters T-Shirt Quilt, a Fat-Quarter quilt, several angel wall quilts, some UFOs, a Quilts & Kreations block of the month giant, a Carpenter’s star, and even a Trip Around the World!!  What creativity!  We are sure to rule at the Fair!!

Next Meeting:  Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
For the last time as your secretary,

Chris Yoo

Comfort Quilts

Judy Riggle

No Report.

LORAIN COUNTY SAFE HARBOR/GENESIS HOUSEProvides temporary safe shelter, food, and support services to victims of domestic violence and their children.  Serves roughly 25,000 annually.

BLESSING HOUSE:  Founded in 2005 to house children, birth to age 12, when their parents are addressing their own crises.

FAMILY PROMISENewly located next to Sacred Heart Church in Oberlin, Family Promise oversees housing in various churches for a week at a time, and provides counseling and transportation services.

Janet Alderman

It’s finally going to happen!  Come to the meeting this week and sign up to help us COMPLETE what is needed for Home of the Brave.  On Thursday, Oct. 14th we will meet from 9:30 to just before our meeting is held.  I will have sign up sheets for different jobs and ALSO what extra items will be needed. I have 1 ironing board and a couple others would help  (with your irons).  We will need people to measure and cut fabric, sewers for sections, maybe 1 or 2 to iron, and if people would be willing to sew to create whole tops it would be MARVELOUS!!!!  If lots of people come to help I hope we will be able to make the 10 more we need.  For the ten remaining soldiers, we need 13 more quilts!!   OUR GOAL – 13 QUILTS


September Birthdays

Pat Serio
Merriedee Pavlenko
Dot Glover
Sandi Morse
Edie Manuel
Anne Schaefer
Fran Weber

UFO Challenge

Keep working on your UFO’s!  7 UFO’s were shown at last months meeting, keep it up ladies!!! To date, 49 UFO’s have been finished!!!!


Interesting article about straight pins sent via a guild member. 


It’s Membership Renewal time!!

All members need to renew in September for the 2017-18 year. Click HERE to download and print the membership form and bring it to the meeting this week. There will also be forms available at the meeting if you can’t get this form. Turn money ($25 cash or check made out to Lorain County Piecemakers) into Karen Neuschafer or Marilyn Novak.

Christmas Fabric Raffle

The Community Service Committee recently received a donation of Christmas Fabric.  We will hold a raffle on a basket filled with approximately 13 yards of various Christmas fabrics.  The monies collected will buy needed supplies for future Community Service projects.  Raffle tickets will be available at the Guild Meeting, and the cost of each ticket will be $5.00.

The Community Service Committee

Fat Quarter Exchange

2 members still need to turn in their fat quarters in order to receive your pack of fat quarters chosen by your friends. Please bring them to the meeting.

We will be doing another exchange next year, please think about joining us!

Hi all,
I have had some requests for doing a class on the Milefiori / LaPass quilt blocks that I brought for show and tell last month. It is English Paper Pieced which is all hand work. (A great take along project!!) If you are interested please email me or let me know at the meeting  so I can arrange a class. I would love to share this with everyone that is interested. There are lots of options and could make this work for everyone!.

Thank you,
Kaye Koler

Notes from the President

Happy September!  I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to autumn—my favorite season.  I can almost hear the rustling leaves and smell the wood burning fireplaces!  With the onset of fall, it’s also the beginning of our guild’s fiscal year. By the time you read this, the guild officers and I will have met to begin discussing some plans for the coming year, which includes planning for our 2018 Quilt Show and finding ways to bring in more evening programs and lectures.  At the September 14th meeting our Treasurer, Pam Scholle, we will be presenting the budget for the year for your review and approval, so please try to join us that evening.

While researching some new program ideas, I came across an interesting article that got me thinking about my “day job.” (Yikes).  I work in Human Resources.  One of our agency goals is to push wellness initiatives on employees.  I don’t always help the initiative when I bring in donuts on Mondays and lead the occasional charge down the street to Starbucks.  However, after reading this interesting article, I just may have to start a new wellness initiative called “Getting Healthy Creatively.”

The article actually said that quilting improves our health in ways even exercise cannot.  You don’t say?!  The study only confirmed what I have known for a long time—quilting improves our well-being in ways that physical activities cannot, and it prompts a creativity that is often stifled as we become adults.

The study was conducted at the University of Glasgow.  They interviewed quilters and found the activity of quilting helps our cognitive, creative and emotional well-being—particularly among what they refer to as “older” people (yours truly included).  The use of all the bright colors was found to be ‘uplifting’, and the activity of quilting distracted participants from the stress of work, and offered mental challenges such as using complex mathematics and geometry. They also found quilting increased confidence and had an important social side that was almost overlooked.

The article pointed out that doing something that engages us and that we enjoy is key to our well-being.  As adults, we don’t often get the chance to do things we may consider fun or playful.  The article concluded that engaging in any hobby that you love, and the simple act of being CREATIVE may be fundamental for our wellbeing.

Since I have 101 hobbies, I am pretty sure I’m going to live to be 101.  How about you?  I don’t know a better reason to continuing creating quilts and coming to our guild meetings to socialize!

Live Long and Prosper Peeps!!

Your New President,
Chris Yoo

Monique Noonan from Quilts and Sew Forth will be vending and will be present a trunk show/lecture at our meeting. She will be setting up about 6pm. During the day is the Carpenter Star Workshop with Ruth Groot.



Sue Schillig

I’ve been too busy to sew.  Blasphemy I know.  But with all the produce rolling in, my time has been spent in the kitchen. With that in mind, I’m more than a little excited to undertake the Carpenter’s Star that Ruth will be leading on Thursday. I’ve already prewashed my fabric, cut it all, pinned pieces together to sew the triangles, and have it all set.  So now the temptation mounts. Can I make it an entire week without starting on it ahead of time?  I wouldn’t want to place bets! There has been such a long span of sewing desert in my life lately that I am fast approaching what I call the “stolen moments” sewing.  Doing laundry?  No problem. I can sit here and sew while the dryer finishes that load I HAVE to hang up. Just put on that canner of spaghetti sauce?  There’s another 35 or so minutes to work.  It could be that by the time Thursday rolls around, I’ll have to cut out another one!

Sue Schillg

Quilts of Valor
Kaye Koler

We presented a Quilt of Valor to Robert Klein of Avon Lake over Labor Day Weekend. He was nominated by his daughter-in-law Debbie. She wanted to surprise him! He was very gracious and appreciative. Debbie and her husband also made a monetary donation to our Quilts of Valor fund. As always we felt so privileged to be able to present one of our quilts to this amazing veteran. I know he doesn’t look it….. He is 92 years young!!! God Bless him!

We will be hosting a “sew day” QoV workshop on Saturday, October 21, 10-4 pm at the Main Street Building in Amherst. We will have a bring your own lunch and beverage. Many of us also bring a snack to share but is not necessary. It is always a fun and relaxing day so if you’d like to join us, we would love to have you!! Bring a friend …..you don’t have to be a member of Piecemakers.

Sunshine Committee
Val Watring

I am pretty sure most everyone has family and/or friends somehow impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  Prayers to all!  Hopefully Mother Nature will send a bit of SUNSHINE their way soon.

Since our last guild meeting, we sent a card to Cheryl Majewski as her husband is recovering from a heart attack.  Mary Wallhead was sent a bereavement card since both her brother and cousin have recently passed away.

…just wish to reiterate our LCP By-Laws

Section 8:  The Sunshine Committee shall notify members in case of illness or bereavement.  Cards will be sent, unless it is determined a blue basket is needed.

Blue Baskets:  When members lose a spouse or children, we support them by giving them fat quarters of fabric in their favorite colors.  The Sunshine committee will supply the bag and a card to be signed by the membership.