Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 18 Issue 12 – August 9, 2018

President: Chris Yoo
Vice President: Donna Garrett
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary: Barbara Leoni
Comfort Quilts: Ruth Groot, Vickie Morris, Judy Riggle
Hospitality: Maryann Doucette & Jean Tobia
Membership: Marilyn Novak & Karen Neuschaffer
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine Committee: Val Watring
Challenge Committee: Susan Thornton, Helen Smelser, Kelly Grace
Communication Committee: Kelly Grace
Bits & Pieces Editor: Kelly Grace
Articles due by Saturday before meeting, Newsletter sent out Sunday before meeting.

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of month
Time:        7:00 PM
Location:  New Russia Township Lodge,
46300 Butternut Ridge Rd, Oberlin, 44074
Additional Info: Please remember that there is always a sew day the day of our meeting – starting around 10!

Website: https://loraincountypiecemakers.com
Guild email: loraincountypiecemakers@gmail.com

Meeting Minutes

At 7:10 p.m. Guild President Chris Yoo welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order.  There one visitors this evening.

Program:  No Program tonight…6:30 p.m. Potluck, yummy…

President’s Report:  (Chris Yoo)
Please always were your name badge because we all don’t all remember names.

Workshop for Guild Members  –  Any guild member wanting to do a Workshop, will need to fill out a new Workshop Proposal Form which Outlines the Workshop, has a supply list, estimates length and cost as well as fees and cost for members, etc.  Present your idea to Donna Garrett then you and Donna will present your idea to the group and if there is enough interest to hold the workshop you will coordinate an available date.

Members who teach are to be treated just like any other teacher.  So, if you have an expertise or specialty and want to put together a workshop, start working on your outline.

Minutes:  (Barbara Leoni) There were no changes to the minutes from the June 2018 meeting.  Hearing no corrections, the minutes are approved as distributed.

Treasurer Report:  (Pam Scholle) Pam presented the budget noting that the balance in the checking $6,457.14 with Quilts of Valor at $1,131.51 and Home of the Brave at $412.36.  Chis thanked Pam for the treasurers’ report and noted that the report will be filed for audit.

Membership:  (Karen Neuschaefer and Marilyn Novak) Karen reported that we have 76 members. We will start running membership again in August for the year 2018-2019.

Community Service:  (Ruth Groot, Vickie Morris, Judy Riggle)  Ruth reported that we had 32 pj’s, 27 quilts, 24 pillow cases and 15 cuddle dolls for community service this month.  Ruth gave to Oberlin Church 10 quilts and 24 pillow cases.  Ruth will be buying two bolts of material to make up some more pillow case.

Quilts of Valor:  (Kaye Koler)  Just had a call for three more quilts in August at the VFW in North Ridgeville.

Youth Sewing:  (Lynette Thomson & Jean Ruth) Jean reported the youth are very busy with school activities.

Challenges: (Kelly Grace, Sue Thornton & Helen Smelser) Fat Quarter exchange is finished.  We would like to get more involved in the Fat Quarter exchange…Think about joining next year.  We do have lots of fun.   Keep working on your UFO’s.

Communication Committee:  (Kelly Grace & Chris Yoo) No report at this time.

Sunshine Committee:  (Val Watring) We received a thank you card from Lori Quinones’ family for her mother’s passing for you to read and a get well card for Barb Stiner for you to sign which are located at the front table.

Lorain County Fair::  (Ruth Groot) – Ruth brought information and form to the meeting regard the Fair in August.  Please consider entering…You can enter something other than a quilt…clothes, purse, pillow, etc.

Ruth will be bringing sign-up sheets for help at the fair throughout the week.  She is also collecting items such as sewing basket and buttons for decorations and will be returned after the fair.

Quilt Show 2018:  (Julie Bragg & Karen Neuschaefer) Pre-Entry and Quilt Entry Registration forms were handed out tonight. Please bring in your Pre-Entry and Quilt Entry Registration forms to the next month meeting.  If you need a form you can get one off our website.

We have about 90 quilts and need about 60 more quilts, clothing, pillows, antique, fiber art, etc. to meet our 150 quilts that we advertised on our postcards.  There is no limit of quilt that you can enter. If you have a list of 7 quilts we will take the first 3 quilts from you list.  If we still need more quilts we will take the 4th quilt from your list and so on till we meet our 150 quote.  Deadline for the quilts is November 8th.  If you can’t get the quilt to us please contact Julie or Karen to make arrangements.

As for the food, we will be having sloppy joes, hot dogs, chili dogs, chip, coffee, pop and water. We are asking members to make cookies and bars that are cut and ready to put in bags or in bags to sale for 50 cents. We want the cookies and bars to be a nice size and look saleable…worth 50 cent.

Please get in touch with Julie If you want to sale something to the public at the quilt show or advertise a business.

Baskets – We will need the basket by October 1 with a list of items that are in the basket. You can also bring the basket in with the items and we will put the basket together.  You can bring the baskets in any time before October 31st.

We are looking for handmade items to sell and for volunteers to staff the County Store…sign-up sheets will be at the next Guild Meeting.  We are on track and things are starting to come together for the Quilt Show.   Keep working on those blue and white challenges!  Quilt Tickets will be handed out this evening by Chris if you are interested in selling them.

Programs, Events and Retreats:  (Donna Garrett & MaryAnn Grayson) Donna reported program for the following months:

August:  Applique Quilts and More –Machine applique workshop – have to purchase $35 kit.

Day Event – Workshop – Wild Life Applique 10:00 a.m.
If you didn’t sign up and would like to attend…come she will be bringing extra kits.

Evening Event  –  Program

September:  Melissa Delisio – Fabric Marbling
October:  Julie Bragg – French Country Quilt – Part 3 – Scalloped Borders.
December:  Donna Garrett – Bags

Reminder from MaryAnn Grayson about the AQS Show Grand Rapids, MI.  Friday, August 24th – Saturday, August 25th. $175; 36 seats, hotel double occupancy. $50 deposit due by May 10th: balance due August 10th. Deluxe coach, show ticket, breakfast and hotel stay included. Any questions, please contact MaryAnn.

Christmas in July – Items that were made was a pair of slipper, Kleenex holder, 2 wall hangings, 3 table runners and a tablecloth.  The door prizes went to Donna, Fran and Val.  We had lots of fun. Can’t wait till next year’s Christmas in July workshop.

New Business:  No report at this time

Announcements: “A Walk in the Garden”, Quilt Show – Friday, July 13 and Saturday July 14, 2018 – 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Coshocton Canal 31st Annual Quilters Quilt Show – Entrance $5, children under 12 free
Coshocton County Career Center, 23640 Airport Road, Coshocton, Ohio

Streetsboro Quilt Guild 2018 Show, Friday, October 5 and Saturday, October 6th.

NEORQC:  There are still some members that don’t understand what NEORQC is all about.  There are information flyers on the table by the door.

Anyone interested in an August Garage Sale of quilting supplies, please email Kaye Koler.

Free Table Reminder – If you bring items for the FREE table and something is left by the end of the evening, please take it home with you and/or toss in the trash on the way out.  Thank you.

Please remember that we have a suggestion box and would like to hear your suggestions.

Show and Tell:
We had lots of cuddle dolls, black and white quilt, pillow, flower quilt, tan quilt, snow day mystery quilt, civil war quilt, block of the month quilts, bags, panel quilts and a star quilt.

Adjournment:  Chris adjourned meeting at 8:35 p.m.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, August 9, 2018

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Leoni


Applique Quilts and More – Machine applique

Comfort Quilts
Judy Riggle

No Report

LORAIN COUNTY SAFE HARBOR/GENESIS HOUSEProvides temporary safe shelter, food, and support services to victims of domestic violence and their children.  Serves roughly 25,000 annually.

BLESSING HOUSE:  Founded in 2005 to house children, birth to age 12, when their parents are addressing their own crises.

FAMILY PROMISENewly located next to Sacred Heart Church in Oberlin, Family Promise oversees housing in various churches for a week at a time, and provides counseling and transportation services.

Quilts of Valor
Kaye Koler

No Report

August Birthdays
Janet Reynolds
Barbara Cowger-Vilagi
Linda Janowicz
Valerie Watring


UFO Challenge

We have already seen 35 UFO’s finished this year! That is 21% of the UFO’s submitted that are now completed! Keep up the great work ladies! I can’t wait to see what’s finished this month.


Start thinking about what type of Basket you would like to sponsor for the upcoming Quilt Show.  You can make one yourself, or team up with a friend, family member or a small group.  However, we need as many glorious baskets as possible for the Quilt Show because the basket auction was a HUGE success in 2016!! I will have sign-up sheets at the meetings starting this month so you can start letting us know what you will be making.  Here are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  This is NOT an all-inclusive list.  YOU get to decide what you want to put together.  Fun Fun!!

Coffee Lovers
Crazy Cat Lady (Cat theme)
Family Game Night
Fun in the Sun
Gift Card Frenzy
Gone to the Dogs (Dog theme)
Grilling & Chilling
Night at the Movies
Quilt Kit
Quilting (Blue/White)
Quilting (Holiday)
Quilting (Sports)
Quilting / Sewing (General)
Spa Night
Sweet Tooth
Tea for Two
Tee Time “Golf”
Fat Quarter Buster
Tools/Duct Tape
Ultimate Sports Fan
Win Big (Lotto tickets, etc.)
Wine & Cheese
Wool Lovers

Chris Yoo

Treasury Report
Pam Scholle

Guild Bal.             $6491.79
Home of Brave     $ 412.36
Quilts of Valor       $ 777.03

Notes from the President
Chris Yoo

Riddle…What do funnel cakes, cheese sizzle, band donuts, elephant ears, steak on a stick, oh boys, and caramel applies have in common?  If you said the Lorain County Fair, you would be one smart cookie, or should I say snow cone??  Hard to believe it’s almost that time again.  Yes, it is a little sad that my first thoughts of the fair are about the food, but I challenge you to ask five people what they enjoy about the fair—most of them will say the food.   Although I’ll admit I have no idea what a cheese sizzle is, I do love the band donuts.  However, over the last two years my NEW favorite thing about the fair is talking with all the creative people as they drop off their entries at the Fine Arts Barn.  I am constantly amazed at the homegrown talent in our community.

At our August guild meeting, Ruth Groot will be asking for volunteers to help at the fair this year.  Please consider volunteering for a few hours either before the fair begins with checking in all the wonderful entries, or on Monday morning for judging, or on Sunday evening after the fair when people pickup their treasures to take home.  Everything always goes very smoothly when we have a lot of helping hands.  I doubt if you will find more fun, food, and “fiber” in one place.  If you haven’t visited the Fine Arts Barn to view the exhibits in a few years, you really should plan on visiting.  You may come for some creative inspiration, and leave with a little sizzle.

Your Pres,  Chris Yoo.

Sue Schillig

I’ve been in the midst of grandma camps these last two weeks.  Even so, the quilt in the frame is finally turned! Summer is not the best time to work on finishing projects. There are just too many other distractions.  However, the lure of a new quilt trumps all the UFO’s!  In fairness, I’ve finished up several earlier this year, so I’m not feeling too bad about the new class I’m taking. I’ve wanted to make the Christmas pickle quilt for a long time now and it is finally being offered at the quilt store.  I’ve had the same Christmas quilt on my bed for maybe 30 years now and feel like it might be time to make a new one.  The new one probably won’t be hand quilted like the one 30 years ago, but the old one will look nice in one of the other bedrooms.  But wait… The UFO feathered star was supposed to be my next Christmas quilt.  Maybe it will be ready in a few years…

Sue Schillig

Sunshine Committee
Val Watring

Not exactly smooth sailing this month.

As a follow up to her surgery in June, Barb Stiner is now wrestling treatments. You might recall,  we signed a card for her at our July guild meeting.

Also, we sent a sympathy card to Teri Walter.  Her mom passed away at the end of July.

FYI:  I will be unable to attend the August meeting.  Call if you need:  440.935.0972

May the rest of your summer be full of frolicking with family and friends!

Fondly, Val

2018 Quilt Show

As of right now we have about 90 items for the quilt show.  Please continue to fill out the small forms, or start turning in the large forms so we can get our numbers for the show.  Julie will be contacting people in a month or so to see what we have available, if we don’t get the forms in.  We would also like to do an umbrella display if you have yours from the class.  Remember that we will also display bags, clothing and other quilted items   After all, we do have a quilted car.

We are going to need at least 2 volunteers to help Fran and Peggy with the Country Store.  Unfortunately, they are returning to Texas before the show, and won’t be here to run the store.  They have lots of information about what was successful the last show that I’m sure they will share with you.  Plus any new ideas that anyone has to help the Store be successful would be greatly appreciated.  They will need help with organizing and sorting and storing the donations to get ready for the show.

Remember to work on your blue and white projects and other quilts.  See you at the meeting.

Thank you from the Quilt Show Committee