Lorain County Piecemakers Quilt Guild
Volume 19 Issue 8 – May 9, 2019

President: Chris Yoo
Vice President: Donna Garrett
Treasurer: Pam Scholle
Secretary: Barbara Leoni
Community Service: Ruth Groot, Vickie Morris, Judy Riggle
Hospitality: Maryann Doucette & Jean Tobia
Membership: Marilyn Novak & Karen Neuschaffer
Home of the Brave: Janet Alderman
Quilts of Valor: Kaye Koler
Sunshine Committee: Val Watring
Challenge Committee: Susan Thornton, Helen Smelser, Kelly Grace
Communication Committee: Kelly Grace 
Bits & Pieces Editor: Kelly Grace

Articles due by Saturday before meeting, Newsletter sent out Sunday before meeting.

Meetings:  2nd Thursday of month
Time:        7:00 PM
Location:  New Russia Township Lodge,
                 46300 Butternut Ridge Rd, Oberlin, 44074
Additional Info: Please remember that there is always a sew day the day of our meeting – starting around 10!

Website: https://loraincountypiecemakers.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/LorainCtyPiecemakers

Guild email: loraincountypiecemakers@gmail.com

Meeting Minutes On April 11, 2019 President Chris Yoo welcomed everyone and called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.   We had one visitor this evening.

Program:  The program given tonight was by our President Chris Yoo, “Creating a Monoprint on Fabric with the Gelli Plate and Accessories”. Learned a lot and was very interesting and fun.

President’s Report:

Don’t forget about our President’s Challenge, if you need more information contact Chris Yoo. Minutes: (Barbara Leoni) There were no changes to the minutes from the March 14, 2019 meeting.  Hearing no corrections, the minutes are approved as distributed.

Treasurer Report:

(Pam Scholle) Pam presented the budget noting that the balance in the checking at $10,482.68 with Quilts of Valor at $1252.03 and Home of the Brave at $290.91.  We have our two certificates to security our rooms. Chris thanked Pam for the treasurers’ report and noted that the report will be filed for audit.

COMMITTEE REPORTS Membership: (Karen Neuschaefer and Marilyn Novak)

Karen report that we have one new member tonight and now have a total of 93 members.  If you have any question regarding membership, please give Karen a call.

Community Service:

(Ruth Groot and Vickie Morris) Our annual sew day for community service will be May 9th, same day as our meeting. Building opens at 10:00 a.m.  It is usually schedule for the month of June but due to a scheduling issue has been moved to the month of May this year. We will only be sewing community service projects all day. Bring sewing machine and sewing supplies to use for the day.  We will have a potluck which Ruth will be providing sloppy joes so please bring a dish to share. It was a huge success last year and we have lots of fun.

Quilts of Valor:

 (Kaye Koler) No Report at this time.

Youth Sewing:

 (Lynette Thomson & Jean Ruth) No Report at this time.


(Kelly Grace, Sue Thornton & Helen Smelser) Kelly will be closing Fat Quarter Exchange this month and lists will be sent out in April and fat quarters will be due back by the June meeting. UFO Challenge – we have about ten UFO quilts completed. Other challenges are the President’s Quilt Challenge which is due back to Chris by August.

Communication Committee:

 (Kelly Grace) No report at this time.

Programs, Events and Retreats…Oh My:

 (Donna Garrett & MaryAnn Grayson) May we will have Laura Nolletti – lecture on paper piecing and a workshop will be held later in the year. Spring Retreat at Zincks, Berlin, Ohio will be held Sunday, April 28th to Wednesday, May 1st. Cost for three nights and four days of sewing is $150 per person for double occupancy. OR Monday, April 29th to Wednesday, May 1st. two nights and three days of sewing for $100 per person double occupancy. Please submit $25 non-refundable deposit to LCP or mail to MaryAnn Grayson P O Box 782 Elyria 44036. Please submit deposit by March 28th. Balance due by April 21st.  Please make checks out to MaryAnn Grayson. Thank you<

Sunshine Committee:

 (Val Watring) Mary Ann Doucette lost her sister and I will be sending her a card.

Unfinished Business:

 No report at this time.

New Business:

 No report at this time.


Marilyn Novak appreciated and thanked everyone for the condolences of her daughter. The June meeting will NOT be held in the large hall (Cedar West) where we typically gather.  In June, due to a scheduling conflict, we have to use the Township Meeting Hall two doors East from where we typically meet.  The Meeting Hall is much smaller than Cedar West but there will be no issues with our evening lecture or meeting, but there will be reduced space during the day for open sew. Free Table Reminder – If you bring items for the FREE table and something is left by the end of the evening, please take it home with you and/or toss in the trash on the way out.  Thank you. Please remember that we have a suggestion box and would like to hear your suggestions. Remember we have this wonderful facility all day on quilt guild days.  It is open from 10:00 a.m. until we leave after the meeting. Please take advantage of this time to sew and finish up those projects.

Show and Tell:

Tote – purple , blue and green, blocks that where made into a potholder and a pillow, Easter quilt, Pennsylvania basket quilt, UPF’s – scrape basket, attic window, 1900 batik circles and slice and dice quilt.


 Chris adjourned meeting at 8:30 p.m.

Next Meeting:

 Thursday, May 9, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Leoni

Treasury Report
Pam Scholle

See minutes from April meeting.

Community Service Ruth Groot, Vickie Morris, Judy Riggle

No Report

LORAIN COUNTY SAFE HARBOR/GENESIS HOUSEProvides temporary safe shelter, food, and support services to victims of domestic violence and their children. Serves roughly 25,000 annually.

BLESSING HOUSE:  Founded in 2005 to house children, birth to age 12, when their parents are addressing their own crises.

Thank you, Dear Piecemakers

Yesterday I was reading thru a book from the 1970s I bought at my library; it has b/w photos and patterns with templates and talks about the heritage and history of quilting and beautiful old quilts and houses and museums that have them. It made me very proud I’d fallen into this world and grateful to the people who welcomed me into it.

I joined this guild when my daughter was in middle school, so ~30 years ago. At the time I admired quilts but had zero idea how to make them, plus I’d never enjoyed sewing.

I still don’t like to sew but I love to make quilts and thanks to the exposure to quilt books and patterns and ideas and resources I’ve picked up in our guild, now I can figure out how to make them well enough for my own enjoyment. You all have always been generous with help and inspiration and friendship and fun.

Thankee, gals, for one of the top five best things that ever happened to me.

Your friend, Susan Thornton

Quilts of Valor

Kaye Koler

No Report

May Birthdays
Marianne Nolan
Iris Tewksbury
Joyce Zickefoose

Program Laura Nolletti – lecture on paper piecing and a workshop will be held later in the year.


UFO Challenge

Wow you ladies are quick! 10 items have already been removed from UFO challenge lists! Keep up the good work!

Fat Quarter Exchange

Numbered bags were handed out at the April meeting. Please remember to turn in fat quarters (in bags) no later than the June meeting.

2019 Challenge
Attic Windows – Examples can be found here.

Do you have an idea for a challenge? Talk with anyone on the committee or send an email to the guild email (shown above).

President’s Challenge

Don’t forget about our President’s Challenge, if you need more information contact Chris Yoo.

Notes from the President
Chris Yoo Everyone loves the vibrancy, the warmth, and the creative genius of quilts. That they have survived as centerpieces of American culture and tradition for centuries is really no surprise to anyone reading this message.  The warmth, charm, and creative designs of traditional and modern quilts are just as at home in a rustic house as they are in a modern apartment. Today quilts are truly appreciated for their craftsmanship and are often the subject of museum and gallery shows celebrating them as works of fine art. Some of us may think quilting is just our hobby, our way of relaxing, something we do because we must create.  However, isn’t it humbling to think that many of our creations will live on for centuries!? With every stitch, whether by hand or machine, we are becoming part of the history of textiles in America.  Everything we make tells a story of where we are at that moment in our life. So cool!! So…continue to sew and create my friends.  No matter how small your project, how simple, or how grand, each creation is a piece of history that tells a story.  I’m eager to see your stories, so I’ll end with another reminder that the 2019 President’s Quilt Challenge entries are due in August.  I hope many of your will be participating. I’ll have flyers again at the next meeting. Hope to see many of you on May 9th as we sew the day away at the 2nd Annual Judy Riggle Community Sew Day! Your Pres,
Chris Yoo

Community Service Request

Hello everyone.  As you all know, Ruth is a snowbird.  She is finding that returning from Florida in the spring, she is overwhelmed by the winter donations. Since she and her husband are considering spending extra time in the warmer climates, this problem is only going to escalate.  Ruth is willing to remain chairperson, but she needs some help. Two or three volunteers who would be willing to take fabric donations in and help bag fabric pieces for quilts would be awesome.  These volunteers could also get together with Ruth and other guild members to help organize things for the community sew. Maybe someone who would be willing to pass out quilted items to have bindings added when Ruth is gone. We have been receiving enough donations; however, since they are not cut, we may need a community cut day!!! Here are some other ways you can help.

1.   Large pieces that are good for backings and bindings are ok left whole.  These pieces should be at least 1/2 yd or larger. 2.  When you donate scrap fabric, please cut it into strips or squares before you donate it.  2 1/2, 4 1/2, 6 1/2 strips are good for strip quilts and borders.  2 1/2, 5, and 10 inch squares are good too. We are trying to reduce the number of different sizes we get.  (This week when bagging pieces, we had 2 ½ in squares, 3 ½ in squares, 4 in, 4 ½ in, 5 in, 6 in, and 6 ½ in squares.  Imagine the confusion)

3. Solids and children’s prints are needed. There is also a shortage of boy suitable fabrics.  We have lots of florals and need fabrics to go with them.

4. If you’d like to put kits together using your scraps, just put them in a zip lock baggie with the sizes of the pieces on the baggie. The number of pieces would be helpful too.   If you used a specific pattern, put it in the baggie also.  So remember, although donations are wonderful, we need you to help us by cutting the fabric into useable pieces, as described above. Finally, PLEASE, PLEASE consider volunteering to join the Community Service Committee to help Ruth.  If you have a few hours a month to lend a hand, please sign up to help. See you on May 20th during the day for the 2nd annual Judy Riggle Community “Cut” and “Sew” day (lunch potluck). Thank you for your help.

Sue Schillig

No Report

Sunshine Committee

Val Watring

April 13, 2019 we sent a sympathy card to Mary Ann Doucette. Mary Ann’s sister passed away in Florida.