Home of the Brave Quilt Project

Nine-patch blocks 9” finished size (9 ½ unfinished): cut the squares 3 ½” (4) dark, (4) light, and (1) muslin center square for signature (name, city and state written on the diagonal). (¼ yd. – 45”; 1/3 yd. – 42” for colored blocks)

Setting Triangles: (6) 14” squares, cut twice diagonally to yield 24 side triangles        (2 yd. total for background)

Corner triangles:  (8) 7 ¼” squares, cut once diagonally to yield 16 corner triangles.

Strip width of narrow stripe fabric between rows according to the stripe design width (for example, mine was cut 1 1/4”)

Side border fabric cut:  6” wide                                 (2 ¼ yd. total for borders)

Top and bottom border fabric cut:  10” wide

OVERALL SIZE:  74” BY 68”     

Please do NOT use RED in the quilt.  It is too much like blood.

Ohio State Coordinator:  Janet Alderman              guidguru@yahoo.com                   440-322-0932

                                                  421 Colgate Avenue, Elyria  OH  44035

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